Nordic Ware Scone Pan

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    Four skeletons in various poses dance into dessert hour to create a festive fall treat. The pan is perfect for making desserts that delight guests – simply pour in your favorite quick bread recipe. Crafted of cast aluminum with our exclusive nonstick finish, it releases cakes smoothly and easily, with sharp details that that can be elaborately decorated or simply sprinkled with confectioners' sugar. Makes four skeletons in different poses. Cast-aluminum construction creates beautifully defined cakelets. Pan distributes heat quickly and evenly to promote even rising, uniform baking and a golden crust. Our exclusive nonstick finish guarantees fast release and makes cleanup a breeze. Pair with any Williams Sonoma Quick Bread Mix or a favorite recipe. Made in USA by Nordic Ware, a family-owned company famous for its fine bakeware since 1946.
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    Create a buzz with adorable honeycomb treats to share with your hive. Our cast-aluminum pan creates six domed cakelets adorned with ridges, arched doorways and bees while its nonstick finish ensures easy release. Add a light glaze or a sprinkling of confectioners' sugar – and enjoy. Commercial-quality pan produces 6 beehive-shaped cakelets accented with honeybees. Made of durable cast aluminum, which promotes even baking and crisp details. Use with any Williams Sonoma Quick Bread Mix or your favorite recipe. Made in the USA by Nordic Ware, a family-owned company famous for fine bakeware since 1946.
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    Created in honor of Nordic Ware's 70th anniversary, this baking plaque produces six cakelets in three beautifully detailed shapes that draw from the company's seven decades of unique Bundt® pan designs. A nonstick finish guarantees smooth release, so every ridge and curve remains well defined and ready for decoration – all the cakelets need is a simple glaze or sprinkling of confectioners' sugar. Commercial-quality pan produces six charming mini Bundt® cakes in three different designs. Made of durable cast-aluminum, which promotes even baking and crisp details in the finished cakelets. A premium gold-tone, nonstick finish guarantees fast release and makes cleanup a breeze. Made in the USA by Nordic Ware, a family-owned company famous for its fine bakeware since 1946.

Upgrade Your Baking Collection With a Nordic Ware Scone Pan

If you love to bake, your kitchen may be stocked with the right bakeware to create a variety of confections. From cookie sheets to cake pans, your cabinets might be full of those versatile and reliable bakeware items. Sometimes, though, you might want to bake something a little different. When you're ready to get especially creative, turn to a Nordic Ware scone pan available from Williams Sonoma. These cakelet pans allow you to create festive desserts perfect for a seasonal celebration. So, learn more about this bakeware style and then add it to your collection so that you can deliver tasty treats at your next gathering.

Design and Features

Every Nordic Ware scone pan in this collection is designed for durability. They feature a cast aluminum construction, which holds up well under continued use. Plus, this design also ensures that your food bakes evenly and comes out with that always desirable golden crust. These scone pans feature a nonstick finish, which means your sweet treat will slide out of the pan easily and, even better, intact.

These scone pans can be used in ovens up to 400 degrees. They work well with wood, silicone or plastic utensils, which won't scratch the surface of the pan. As a result, these versatile pans allow you bake an array of treats, including cakes and muffins.

Seasonal Styles

Each Nordic Ware scone pan in this Williams Sonoma collection is designed to celebrate a different season. So, stock up on seasonal bakeware from this collection. You can find an autumn-themed loaf pan featuring pumpkins, sunflowers, wheat and acorns and accented by scalloped edges. A sunflower cakelet pan makes delicious treats perfect for summer or early fall. Pumpkins, acorns and leaves adorn the Harvest Delights Bitelet Pan. Add a spooky touch to the dessert table with skeleton treats ideal for Halloween. Several flower-inspired scone pans are available, including bundt pans, loaf pans and cakelet pans. Create bunny or egg treats for Easter or seashells for summer. With so many styles to choose from, you can have a Nordic ware scone pan for every season.

Upgrade your bakeware collection with scone pans from Williams Sonoma. A seasonally inspired treat is festive for any occasion, whether you're celebrating Halloween, Easter, spring or fall. These durable scone pans are designed to help you create beautiful and delicious treats that the whole family will enjoy.