Lemon Gift Set

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    Our quartet of aromatic seasonings lets you create customized oils for dipping or drizzling. A great gift for anyone who likes to cook and entertain, each flavor blend can be quickly added to a favorite olive oil, and then served with bread for a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Italian: Aromatic garlic is paired with fresh parsley, sea salt and chile peppers for a classic Italian flavor. (1.6 oz.) Moroccan: Cumin, cayenne chili and California chiles are balanced by rich garlic and fresh sea salt. (2.3 oz.) Mediterranean: Flavorful rosemary, spearmint and thyme are paired with bright lemon peel, fresh sea salt and a mix of peppers. (2.6 oz.) Wine Country: Coriander, cumin, cloves and cilantro add fresh dimension to a blend of minced garlic, sea salt, green cardamom and chili peppers. (2.2 oz.) Set of four blends, one of each flavor. 8.7 oz. total. 
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    These three vinegars are the ideal gift for home chefs, hostesses and anyone who loves to entertain. The set includes handcrafted balsamic vinegars made on a California family farm run by the fourth generation of Lucero olive growers. With one traditional, one infused with blackberry and one infused with lemon, this set is great for creating new flavors in salad dressings and marinades or spicing up a bread dipping platter. Set includes three 3.4-oz. bottles of vinegar: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar and Lemon Balsamic Vinegar. Handcrafted in Northern California. Each batch is blended and tasted in-house. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    The best meals begin with quality ingredients, like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar and savory seasonings. We've gathered our most versatile pantry essentials to create a truly useful gift that's sure to be savored for months to come. A thoughtful gift for housewarming gatherings, newlyweds, budding cooks and seasoned chefs alike, the set includes: Williams Sonoma House Olive Oil: Smooth and buttery extra-virgin olive oil made from 100% California-grown late-harvest Arbequina olives. (6.8 fl. oz.) Williams Sonoma House Balsamic: Smooth, tangy balsamic crafted in Modena, Italy from the juice of white Trebbiano grapes and aceto balsamico , aged for up to 18 years. (12.7 fl. oz.) Coarse Brazilian Sea Salt: Mineral-rich sea salt hand harvested from the waters off the coast of Brazil. (2.4 oz.) 5-Pepper Blend Peppercorns: Black, white, pink and green peppercorns with fragrant Jamaican allspice to add aromatic flavor to soups, brines, marinades and meats. (2.4 oz.) Lemon Herb Seasoning: Fragrant blend of sea salt, lemon peel, garlic, onion and aromatic herbs. (2.4 oz.) Made in USA and Italy.
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    For the ultimate craft cocktails, we partnered with Casamigos – the award-winning, ultra-premium tequila and mezcal label from George Clooney and Rande Gerber. This gift set includes Casamigos' Blackberry Basil Smash Cocktail Mixer, Signature Margarita Cocktail Mixer, Salty Sweet Orange Cocktail Rimmer and Pink Himalayan Salt Rimmer. The perfect addition to any celebration, it's sure to lift everyone's spirits. Blackberry Basil Smash Cocktail Mixer: Refreshing blend of juicy blackberries, tangy lemon and aromatic basil. (12 fl. oz.) Signature Margarita Cocktail Mixer: Expertly prepared in small batches with key lime juice and organic agave for bright, lively flavor with a hint of sweetness. (12 fl. oz.) Salty Sweet Orange Cocktail Rimmer: Combines pure cane sugar with extra-coarse Oregon sea salt and fragrant orange peel. (2.64 oz.) Pink Himalayan Salt Rimmer: Crafted of pure Pink Himalayan salt, a mineral-rich salt with a coarse texture and delicate flavor. (3.52 oz.) 30.16 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    In 1914, Vincenzo Ricchiuti planted the seeds of a family farm that would grow for generations in the heart of California's fertile San Joaquin Valley. Today, the Ricchiutis are lauded for their award-winning ENZO organic, estate-grown olive oils milled with Italian equipment. This gift set includes a bottle of ENZO extra-virgin olive oil along with two handcrafted, small-batch pesto sauces – perfect for easy, no-fuss entertaining. Set includes ENZO Medium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (8.5 fl. oz.), ENZO's Table Sundried Tomato Pesto (6 oz.) and Artichoke Lemon Pesto (6 oz.). Olive oil is certified organic. Olive oil is certified extra-virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. Certified kosher by KSA (Kosher Supervision of America). Made in USA.
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    The Lucero family has a rich history of growing olives in California's Napa Valley. They believe authentic extra-virgin olive oil is a superfood – and a way of life. Each bottle in this set is handcrafted on the family farm and each batch is tested personally by Dewey Lucero. Give the set of infused oils as a gift or enjoy them for dipping or adding complex flavors to salad dressings and marinades. Set includes three 8.5-oz. bottles: Toasted Garlic Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. Handcrafted in Northern California. Each batch is blended and tasted in-house. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    Our long-simmered braising sauces bring a bounty of flavor to beef and chicken dishes, minimizing prep time while adding delicious character. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients that include full-bodied wines, fresh vegetables and gourmet spices, the sauces offer delicious depth and complexity of flavor. Combine with meat or poultry in a slow cookers or Dutch ovens. Our special set of three braising sauces includes Coq Au Vin, Meyer Lemon and Beef Bourguignon. Set of three, one of each flavor. Coq Au Vin: Our authentic sauce simplifies preparing this rich, savory French favorite. Its all-natural ingredients include full-bodied red wine, veal stock, earthy cremini mushrooms and traditional seasonings, long-simmered to achieve delicious depth and complexity. Meyer Lemon: Our vibrant sauce blends tangy Meyer lemons with mellow roasted garlic and fine California Chardonnay, highlighting the bright flavors with French Dijon mustard and herbs. Ingredients are slowly simmered to create a rich, flavorful sauce. Beef Bourguignon: Boeuf bourguignonne is a specialty of France's Burgundian countryside. Our all-natural blend combines  red wine, beef stock, cremini mushrooms and herbs for authentic French flavors. 11.5 oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    Our handcrafted braising sauces are the timesaving secret to creating a trio of authentic dishes from around the world: Korean-style short ribs ( bulgogi ), traditional Indian coconut curry and Latin-inspired zesty chicken. The versatile sauces are designed be used in a slow cooker, pressure cooker or a Dutch oven for exceptional results. Prep is easy: Just combine the sauce with braised meat using the cooking method of your choice, and, when done, serve with hot, fluffy rice. Korean BBQ Short Rib: Spicy jalapeño and Gochugaru chiles add a bold, peppery kick to savory soy sauce, sesame and miso with a splash of tangy rice vinegar. (12 oz.) Coconut Curry Chicken: A blend of creamy coconut milk, ripe tomatoes and tangy yogurt, brightened with ginger, garlic and lemon. (12 oz.) Jalapeño Lime Chicken: Kettle-cooked in small batches with a zesty blend of mild green chiles, this sauce gets its flavor from tangy lime juice, savory bits of garlic and fragrant cilantro. (11 oz.) Set of three, one of each flavor. 35 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Discover the ultimate gift for food lovers with this beautifully boxed assortment of award-winning extra-virgin olive oils. This special set comes to us from California's San Joaquin Valley, where the award-winning Coldani family has been raising olives for over 70 years. Bountiful Basil: Fresh basil brightens this olive oil, which makes a great dipping oil. Drizzle it over ripe tomatoes, leafy green salads, pasta, risotto and baked potatoes. Lusty Lemon: Sunny citrus flavors give this fresh, fruity olive oil its vibrant character. Try it on salads, braised greens and steamed vegetables. It's also delicious on grilled chicken and seafood. Guilty Garlic: Deep notes of garlic give this velvety olive oil a savory richness. Use it for dipping – or sprinkle it on salads, pasta and vegetables. It's also great on grilled steak, fish and poultry. Set includes three bottles, 8.45 fl. oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients, including California olive oil.
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    The motto "Italian heritage, California soil" took root in 1914, when Vincenzo Ricchiuti planted the seeds of a family farm that would grow for generations in the heart of California's Central San Joaquin Valley. Today, we're proud to bring you a special gift set showcasing four of Enzo's award-winning extra-virgin olive oils, along with their signature balsamic vinegar. Serve the estate-grown organic oils and vinegar as dipping condiments, drizzle them on grilled meats, poultry or vegetables – or use them to enhance salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Bold California-Grown Koroneiki Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: A robust and well balanced oil featuring grassy, nutty green notes with a bold, spicy, peppery finish. Delicate California-Grown Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: A buttery, velvety smooth oil that combines subtle grassy notes with a mild peppery finish. Meyer Lemon Olive Oil:  A fresh citrus aroma and subtle sweetness partner beautifully with the buttery and ripe olive notes of Enzo's extra-virgin olive oil. Basil Olive Oil: Fresh basil is blended with Enzo's buttery extra-virgin olive oil for a condiment that boasts notes of anise, herbs and licorice. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: Crafted in the Old World style for a rich, aromatic condiment with deep, complex flavor. Set includes five 3.38-fl. oz. bottles, one of each variety. Certified organic. Certified kosher by KSA. Made in USA.