Lemon Crate

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    A cross between a lemon and a sweet orange, Meyer lemons boast a sweeter, fuller, more perfumed flavor than their tarter cousins. Our gift set includes a Meyer lemon tree, lemon sea salt, Lemon & Citron jam and a rubber-rimmed, steel-clamped Weck jar for making your own lemon preserves. Agricultural regulations prohibit shipments to Florida and Texas. Our potted Meyer lemon tree can be grown and harvested on a patio or in a sunny kitchen. (See More Info and Use & Care tabs for further details.) The salt is made from ground, dried lemon peels blended with pure Hawaiian sea salt. Use it on vegetables or for preserving fruit from the included Meyer lemon tree. Made with locally grown, seasonal fruit, the Lemon & Citron Jam offers a sweet-tart balance ideal for pairing with fresh cheeses. It is handcrafted in the French tradition, with small batches made in traditional copper kettles. A Weck jar is the ideal receptacle for making preserved lemons. The rubber-ringed, steel-clamped glass lids create an air-tight seal. Salt and jam are made by Lemon Bird, a California-based company specializing in artisanal preserves. Jar is made in Germany. Crate includes: Meyer lemon tree Lemon Bird Sea Salt (2 oz.) Lemon Bird Lemon & Citron Jam (6 oz.) Weck jar (19.6-oz. cap.)
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    Among the oldest-known cultivated trees, the olive tree offers a multitude of benefits. Not only is olive oil healthy and delicious, it makes an ideal moisturizer. Our gift set includes an organic olive tree and our House Olive Oil, along with Blithe and Bonny Olive and Avocado Hand Cream, and Blithe and Bonny Exfoliating Goat’s Milk Soap. Our potted tree is a year-old arbequina olive, a hardy, easy-to-grow variety originating from Spain, with highly aromatic fruits that have a delicate, buttery flavor with piquant notes. (See More Info and Use & Care tabs for details.) Certified by the California Olive Oil Council, our unfiltered, extra-virgin olive oil is made from late-harvest arbequina olives and has a smooth, buttery flavor, with a light, peppery finish. The hypoallergenic hand cream incorporates the finest natural ingredients, including olive and avocado oils for healing dry hands. Free of chemicals and parabens, it features an herbal fragrance derived from essential oils of cedar, rosemary, mint and sage. The soap is a paraben-free blend of pure goat’s milk and natural coconut oil. Soap is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Both cream and soap are handcrafted in micro batches by Blithe and Bonny, a family-run company in Santa Cruz, California, dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Made in USA. Crate includes: Organic Arbequina olive tree Williams Sonoma House Olive Oil (12.7 fl. oz) Blithe and Bonny Olive and Avocado Hand Cream (4 fl. oz.) Blithe and Bonny Exfoliating Goat's Milk Soap (6.25 oz.)
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    Great for everything from antipasto platters to appetizers and picnic eats, this culinary collection brings together Europe's finest charcuterie and cheese offerings along with a classic Italian panforte to complement them. Each meat is prepared according to centuries-old traditions from sustainably-raised, nitrate-free pork. The cheeses include Swiss favorite Diablo and a classic, soft Italian cheese. Enjoy them with a fresh loaf of bread, artisanal crackers and a crisp glass of wine or pint of beer. Prosciutto Crudo Italiano “Addobbo”: One of the most flavorful, lean and healthy of Italian salume (air-cured meats, aged up to 2 years to develop its full character, then thinly sliced for appealing presentation. It's called crudo (meaning "raw" in Italian) because, like most cured ham, it is meant to be served without cooking. (3 oz.) Black Forest Schinken: Produced in the picturesque Black Forest region of Germany, this cured ham is seasoned with garlic, coriander, pepper, juniper berries and other spiced, then cured for four weeks. Cold smoking with pine needles, fir or juniper brush further develops its prized flavor and enticing aroma. (3 oz.) Salame Rustico: Regarded as "the real masterpiece if Italian charcuterie," this popular cured delicacy from Parma is crafted from coarsely ground pork to showcase its naturally sweet, savory flavor. (3 oz.) Diablo: Honey-sweet, creamy and soft, this Swiss cheese is a devilish temptation. Handcrafted in the hilly, wild countryside of Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland from farm-fresh raw milk, the cheese has a delicate texture with notes of pimiento and apricot. (8 oz.) Caprino Piemontese: This approachable cheese is creamy and silky with slight herbal notes. Crafted of pasteurized goat and cow's milk with a delicate, earthy flavor and texture that melts in your mouth. (11 oz.) Panpetato: This sweet, round cake is a type of panforte that is typical in certain regions of Italy. Dried fruits and nuts are combined with flour, honey, sugar and a touch of pepper for spicy contrast, then the cake is baked into a firm, dense treat. The handmade cake is usually eaten during the holidays. (8 oz.)