Le Creuset Wine Opener

  • $200
    Sommeliers rely on tools like this to quickly remove foil and uncork wine with a quick, easy up-and down motion. Sized to work with any standard wine bottle, it's crafted to the same high standards you expect from Le Creuset cookware. Removes both synthetic and natural corks with ease. Made of sturdy metal with a matte black finish. Strong metal gear and rack system ensure smooth operation and durability. Hand-sharpened stainless-steel screw has three coats of protective nonstick coating. Provides a comfortable, stable grip – even on flanged bottles. Includes matching foil cutter.
  • $40
    Opening wine bottles is quick and easy with this self-pulling corkscrew from legendary cookware brand, Le Creuset. Simply place the tool on a wine bottle and twist to remove the cork. Twisting the other direction will release the cork. The sturdy metal opener features a Teflon-coated screw to glide easily through the cork, and active ball technology for smooth operation. Sleek, compact design for easy storage. Durable metal construction with soft handle provides secure grip. Internal flex system grips bottle neck in the perfect spot for efficiency. Opens standard and flange-top wine bottles. Made in China.
  • $40
    Uncorking wine bottles is smooth sailing with this waiter's-style corkscrew from legendary cookware brand Le Creuset. Crafted of all stainless steel, the slim, compact design fits conveniently in your pocket, picnic basket or kitchen drawer. Thin profile is ideal for removing fragile corks with no crumbling. Patented two-step process for improved leverage. Built-in serrated foil cutter and bottle opener. Nonstick grooved corkscrew glides effortlessly through cork. Durable stainless-steel construction.
  • $100
    Open your favorite wines quickly and easily with this lever-style tool from the legendary cookware brand, Le Creuset. Made of sturdy metal, the smooth-operating opener removes both natural and synthetic corks in a flash. Simply attach the opener to your bottle, press the lever down, then pull up. Durable metal construction provides smooth operation. Hand-sharpened stainless-steel screw with triple-layer nonstick coating glides easily through corks. Provides a secure, comfortable grip – even on flanged bottles. Made in China.