Heart Shaped Bakeware

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    Bake homemade biscuits from the heart. Our biscuit cutters have sharp rims that cut through thick dough to form perfect heart-shaped biscuits. The graduated sizes also excel at making Linzer cookies and cutting sandwiches and fruit into heart shapes. Set of five polished stainless-steel cutters from 1 1/2" to 3 1/4" diam. Sharp rims slice evenly through soft, sticky dough. Ideal for making heart-shaped cookies and pastries. Well-designed handles are easy to hold and facilitate cutting cleanly through dough. Nest for storage. Dishwasher safe.
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    Flaky, tender biscuits are one of America's culinary treasures. Our tin-plated steel biscuit cutters have sharp rims that slice perfect biscuits in classic heart shapes, and they're handy for many other baking and garnishing projects. Set of 5 polished tin-plated steel cutters in graduated sizes from 1 3/4" to 3 1/2" wide. Includes 3 heart cutters with straight edges and 2 heart cutters with fluted edges. Sharp rims slice evenly through soft, sticky dough. Ideal for making heart-shaped cookie or pastry dough for linzer cookies or shortbread, and for creating decorative slices of fruits or vegetables. Nest for storage.
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    These heart-shaped cutters are made from thick, rigid plastic that cuts dough precisely for neatly defined shapes in a range of sizes. They’re from the French company de Buyer, which has been producing kitchen and pastry essentials for professional chefs since 1830. Set of seven professional-quality heart cutters in sizes from 3/4” to 4 3/4” wide. Rigid plastic slices evenly through dough. Edges won’t flex or bend, ensuring well-defined dough edges Cutters nest in a clear plastic box for organized, dust-free storage. Dishwasher safe.
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    Our heart-shaped cakelets let you turn out dessert baked with love – and sized for two. The plaque turns out six three-tiered desserts with elegant scalloped edges, and a well on top for filling with a spoonful of chocolate mousse or jam. They're also just as tantalizing with a glaze or a dusting of powdered sugar. Makes six individual-size cakes. Cast-aluminum construction creates beautifully defined details in each cakelet. Pan distributes heat quickly to promote even rising, uniform baking and a golden crust. Premium nonstick finish ensures easy release and quick cleanup. Use with any of our Williams Sonoma Quick Bread mixes or your favorite recipe. Made in USA by Nordic Ware, a family-owned company famous for its fine bakeware since 1946.
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    For sweet adventures in the kitchen, use these special American Girl® cutters to transform rolled-out cookie dough into perfectly shaped flowers, hearts, stars and cupcakes. After baking, decorate your homemade treats with colorful icings, sparkly sugars and yummy candies, then share them with your favorite cookie lovers. Four-piece set includes flower, heart,  star and cupcake shapes in assorted fun colors. Made exclusively for us in partnership with American Girl®. Use the edges to cut your cookie, then gently press the stamp into the dough to create imprinted detailing. The pressed details double as a guide for decorating with icings and sugars. Durable, lightweight plastic is easy for kids to work with. For ages 8 and up.
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    We partnered with American Girl® to create this cookie-baking set, with all the tools you and your friends need to whip up homemade cookies in fun shapes. Use our cutters to transform your dough into flowers, hearts, butterflies and stars. Your cookies will bake to perfection on our nonstick cookie sheet – and the spatula makes it easy to transfer the fresh-baked treats onto a plate. Set includes nonstick rimmed cookie sheet, spatula and four cutters in butterfly, star, flower and heart shapes (see More Info tab for details). The center cutouts of star and heart shapes make perfect mini cookies for little girls and dolls. Made exclusively for us in partnership with American Girl®. Durably crafted for years of creative fun in the kitchen. Includes a tip-filled guide written especially for young chefs. For ages 8 and up. ©/™ 2015 American Girl.
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    Designed especially for creating charming thumbprint cookies, our spring-loaded stamps help you bake the classic treats with exceptional ease. Simply roll out sugar or shortbread dough to 1/4" thick, then use the stamps to cut out heart, circle and rectangle shapes embossed with elegantly frilled edges and center thumbprint impressions. After baking, fill the centers of the cookies with creamy ganache or colorful jam. Set of three stamps includes heart, circle and rectangle. Spring-loaded tools are easy to use with rolled-out cookie dough. Press firmly to cut edges, then depress spring to stamp the ruffled edges and thumbprint centers.
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    Share the love with homemade Valentine's Day cookies. Crafted of smooth polished stainless steel, these tools cut cleanly through sugar, shortbread or gingerbread dough, then release the shapes smoothly and intact. From lips to hearts to "XO," the cookies look great whether left plain or decorated with icings and sugars. Set of 8 includes heart, arrow heart, double heart, scalloped heart, lips, flower, "XO" and "love." Made of polished stainless steel with hemmed edges. Sharp rims slice evenly through dough. Smooth finish promotes easy release. Packaged in clear acetate tube that's ideal for storage.