Handcrafted Candy

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    Freshly hatched for spring, our colorful speckled eggs conceal a layer of premium milk chocolate and crisp malt centers. The classic confections are crafted by family-owned confectioners, who hand pan the candy coating in copper kettles for superior texture and flavor. Tuck the irresistible eggs into Easter baskets, use to fill a candy jar or enjoy as a sweet snack. 8 oz. Made in USA.
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    We've paired our best-selling Peppermint Bark with English toffee to bring you the ultimate holiday treat. Confectioners begin with crunchy, buttery, hand-broken toffee made in small batches with fresh creamery butter, California almonds and pure cane sugar. Then they cover it in Ramona dark chocolate or High Sierra white chocolate, sprinkled with crunchy peppermint bits. This 1-lb. assortment arrives ready for gift-giving in our collectible vintage-style tin. 16 oz. (1 lb.). Shipped fresh. Made in USA.
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    Our holiday marshmallows celebrate two festive flavors: rich cocoa and cool, refreshing peppermint. Traditionally handcrafted in copper kettles by artisan confectioners, these light, fluffy sweets are great in hot chocolate – or swirled into velvety fondue. For a fireside treat, toast the marshmallows and use them in s'mores. Set of six 1 1/2" sq. marshmallows. 5.5 oz. total. Handcrafted in classic copper kettles. Made in USA.
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    These heavenly caramels are just like the ones you'd make in your own kitchen: handcrafted using the best all-natural, 100% organic ingredients from local farms – and lots of care. From a small artisan confectionery in Wisconsin, the soft, buttery candies are sweetened with pure brown rice syrup for a rich natural sweetness. Choose from Original Sea Salt or an assorted set of these irresistible flavors: Original Sea Salt: Soft, melt-in-your-mouth vanilla caramels with a sprinkling of sea salt. Dark Chocolate: Chunks of organic dark chocolate surrounded by Blissful’s original caramel and finished with a dusting of sea salt. Salted Beer & Pretzel Caramels: Handcrafted Sea Salt Caramels layered with Lakefront Brewery E.S.B. Beer & Pretzels. Original Sea Salt Box includes 9-11 bite-sized pieces (number of pieces varies due to the handcrafted nature of these confections); 4 oz. total. Assorted Two-Box Gift Tower includes 9–11 bite-sized pieces of each flavor; 12 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Float one of these fluffy marshmallows in a mug of piping hot chocolate to create a warming winter treat. Handcrafted by confectioners in Denver, Colorado, they're simmered in copper kettles and cooled on marble slabs before being sliced into generous pieces. Fragrant vanilla lends creamy flavor to these fun-to-eat confections. 5.5 oz. (approx. six 1 1/2" sq. pieces). Shipped fresh. Made in USA.
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    Stir holiday hot chocolate with our fluffy handcrafted marshmallow snowmen, each jauntily perched atop a wooden stick. As delicious as they are playful, these fluffy vanilla marshmallow creations also make wonderful hostess gifts or party favors. They're handcrafted in Belgium by master confectioners. Set of four. 1.6 oz. Made in Belgium. This item cannot be shipped to Hawaii but is available for purchase at our Honolulu retail store.
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    Our harvest-inspired toffee gets its fall flavors from roasted pumpkin seeds and fragrant pumpkin pie spices. Handcrafted in the English tradition using a family recipe and old-fashioned copper kettles, the buttery toffee is cooled on a classic confectionery table to ensure the ultimate crunch. Artisan candy makers break the spiced toffee into pieces, then finish each one with creamy milk chocolate and crispy pumpkin seeds. 1 lb. Made in USA.
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    Say "Happy Holidays" with the season's sweetest snowmen. These handcrafted holiday characters feature fluffy vanilla marshmallow faces, endearingly brought to life with chocolate eyes and mouths and bright orange icing noses. Float the adorable little snowmen on steaming cups of hot chocolate, use them to top cupcakes – or enjoy these Belgian confections right out of the beribboned gift bag. 3.7 oz. (12 snowmen) Made in Belgium. This item cannot be shipped to Hawaii but is available for purchase at our Honolulu retail store.
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    Savor the magic of the season with fluffy vanilla marshmallows in the wintry shapes of snowflakes. Handcrafted for us by master confectioners, these enchanting treats are perfect for floating on hot chocolate, decorating homemade treats or eating right out of the package. 5.1 oz. Made in Spain. This item cannot be shipped to Hawaii but is available for purchase at our Honolulu retail store.
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    Put a finishing touch on hot chocolate or holiday gifts with handcrafted marshmallows in alphabet shapes. Delightfully soft and chewy, they are fun to eat right out of the package or can be used to personalize hot drinks, open-face s'mores and cupcakes, too. They arrive individually packaged and ready for gifting. Set of 4 Each marshmallow measures approx. 2 1/2". Shipped fresh. Made in Belgium.
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    Our bunnies are extra fluffy, thanks to premium marshmallows handcrafted by an artisan American confectioner. The tender treats come in cheery pink and yellow colors, perfect adding a festive touch to hot cocoa and baked treats or simply for nibbling with coffee. 4.2 oz. (7 marshmallows). Made in USA.
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    Infused with real pumpkin puree and classic autumn spices, these once-a-year treats combine the blissful, chewy sweetness of handcrafted caramel with the classic taste of pumpkin pie. Prepared for us with artisanal care by a fourth-generation Kentucky confectioner, they're hand made in copper kettles, hand poured and hand wrapped. 10 oz. (24 pieces). Made in USA of American and imported ingredients.
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    Indulge in the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors with handmade caramels prepared with Jacobsen's hand-harvested sea salt. The caramels are crafted in small batches with natural cane sugar and butter for creamy, chewy texture, then finished with delicate sea salt flakes. The individually wrapped caramels arrive beautifully packaged in a lidded jar that keeps them fresh. 6.9 oz. Made in USA.