Flatware Storage Tray

  • $89.95
    Our flatware organizer is handmade from creamy white marble with subtle grey veining for elegant and durable storage. Use it to keep utensils organized in a kitchen drawer, on a pantry shelf or on a buffet table. Five compartments hold flatware and utensils for easy access. Handcrafted of natural white marble with a polished finish. Also useful for storing office, craft and bathroom supplies. Natural variations in color and pattern make each tray unique. Coordinates with other pieces in our Marble Collection.

Get Organized With a Flatware Storage Tray

Get ready for streamlined drawers and beautiful cabinets when you organize your utensils with a flatware storage tray. These trays are designed especially to hold your knives, forks, spoons and other flatware, each in its own compartment, so that grabbing what you need and cleaning up is both fast and easy. You can turn your attention to other tasks--like stirring sauce, flipping pancakes or mixing cocktails--when you know that all you need to set the table is organized and simple to find. Choose a finely-crafted flatware storage tray for your home to integrate with all the other elegant kitchen accessories you have.

What is a Flatware Storage Tray?

A flatware storage tray is a unique tray made especially for you to store flatware, like knives, forks and spoons, plus other items, like tablespoons, sugar spoons or even small cooks' tools.

  • Flatware trays are flat and usually rectangular. The interior of the tray has dividers that create partitions so that you can place forks in one section, spoons in another, knives in another and so on.
  • Dividers often create vertical sections, so that you can easily reach each type of utensil from the front of the tray with equal ease. The handle of each utensil type faces the bottom of the tray so you can select the utensil without touching the part used for eating.
  • Many trays include one or two larger sections. In some trays, the larger sections run vertically and horizontally. In others, the large section may be wider. If it's horizontal, it is placed in the front of the tray.
  • Use these larger sections for things like vegetable peelers, slim apple corers, your smaller slotted spoons and other utensils or cooks' tools you might like to keep handy.

Choosing the Right Tray for Your Flatware

When selecting your flatware storage tray, look for features that complement your serving style and other home organization elements.

  • If you love copper accents, look for a copper flatware tray. This is a lovely way to integrate the metallic finish without overwhelming other decor.
  • Decide if you want an open tray or one with a solid bottom and walls. Some people love the substantial feel of a marble tray, while others prefer a mesh or metal grate look for lightweight appeal.
  • Make sure your tray fits in the drawer where you'd like to keep your flatware. Most trays fit into a variety of standard size drawers with no issue.

Storing Cutlery in Flatware Trays

If you own a lot of fine cutlery or are building your collection, you may want to store some of it in a flatware storage tray. While larger knives may not fit, steak knives could store here, as could parers or a shorter chef's knife in some cases. If you choose to store cutlery, keep in mind that blade protectors or a knife roll may be best, too. Proper knife care requires keeping blades away from each other, so they maintain their finely-honed edge.