Fish Spatula

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    Drawing upon more than 50 years of culinary experience, we’ve designed and developed an exclusive line of nonstick kitchen tools—perfect for use with nonstick cookware. Ideal for turning and serving fish fillets, our professional-quality spatula has a gently curved nylon head that helps keep even the most delicate seafood intact. The ergonomically engineered stainless-steel handle ensures excellent balance and control—and makes the spatula exceptionally comfortable to use. Designed and developed by Williams Sonoma, and exclusively ours. The perfect shape for sliding under fish fillets, the spatula’s curved head is made of durable nylon that’s heat-resistant to 440°F (220°C). Long slots allow liquids and oil to drain back into the pan. The handle is made of heavy-gauge, nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel with a brushed finish. Weighted, ergonomic handle offers optimal balance, comfort and feel. BPA-free and safe for use with nonstick cookware, bakeware and electrics.
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    We designed and developed our exclusive line of stainless-steel kitchen tools by drawing upon more than fifty years of culinary experience. These professional-quality utensils are crafted of heavy-gauge stainless steel and ergonomically shaped for excellent balance and control—for a difference you can really feel in the hand. Our fish spatula features a gently curved, flexible head, the ideal shape for turning and serving delicate fillets so they remain intact. Designed and developed by Williams Sonoma, and exclusively ours. Made of nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel with a polished finish. Long slots allow liquids and oil to drain back into the pan. Weighted, ergonomic handle offers optimal balance, comfort and feel. Dishwasher safe. 13 1/2" long. Made in China.
  • $12.95
    We've paired a smooth wood handle with nonstick nylon for the best of both worlds. The beechwood handle tapers gently like an artist's paintbrush to offer control and comfort in the hand. Ideal for nonstick cooking, this flexible nylon spatula slides deftly under delicate food like eggs and crepes. Nonstick head is made of durable nylon that's heat-resistant to 500°F (260°C). Long slots allow liquids and oil to drain back into the pan. BPA-free and safe for use with nonstick cookware, bakeware and electrics. Close-grained beechwood handle is extra-strong. Designed and developed by Williams Sonoma.
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    Our professional-quality grilling tools are newly updated with sleek black handles in a tapered, rounded shape that feels smooth in the hand. This fish spatula has a long, flexible head that slides easily under delicate fish fillets and shrimp on the grill. Forged of durable stainless steel. Slots allow excess fats and liquids to drain away. Extra-long synthetic handle stays cool to the touch and keeps hands away from heat. Leather loop for hanging storage. Designed and developed by Williams-Sonoma. Coordinates with Williams-Sonoma BBQ Tools.
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    Cooking and serving seafood is easier when you use the right tool for the task. This fish spatula simplifies the delicate business of lifting and turning fish fillets. The flexible head glides under fillets without tearing them. Part of our exclusive Open Kitchen collection, designed and developed by Williams Sonoma. Made of durable stainless steel. Flexible curved head with thin edge for lifting delicate fish fillets. Strong enough to accommodate heavier foods such as hamburgers and grilled sandwiches. Long slots allow excess fats and liquid to drip through. Dishwasher safe.
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    Add a little aloha spirit to cooking with this set of three Hawaiian fish spatulas. The set includes one medium-sized and two mini silicone spatulas that are heat-resistant up to 600°F, so they're ideal for everything from scraping bowls to cooking on the stovetop. The solid beechwood handles are shaped like an artist's paintbrush for a relaxed, comfortable grip. Set of three spatulas: two mini and one medium. BPA-free silicone heads won't chip or crack, or absorb food odors and flavors. Heat-resistant up to 600°F. Solid beechwood handles.

Flip and Fry Delicate Fillets with a Fish Spatula

Certain cooking tasks require specialized tools for them to be completed skillfully and efficiently. For fish lovers, a fish spatula is one such tool. These spatulas are specially designed for flipping delicate fish fillets, keeping them completely intact for premium taste and restaurant-quality presentation. Other delicate foods, like fried eggs and crepes, also benefit from these specialized spatulas. Shop fish utensils from Williams Sonoma to flip and fry delicate fillets, shrimp and other seafood like a professional chef.

Williams Sonoma Spatulas for Fish

The Williams Sonoma collection of cooking utensils includes a wide variety of everyday use utensils, like standard spatulas and serving spoons, that serve as the perfect starter set for any kitchen. Once the basics are covered, special kitchen gadgets and cooking tools complete your collection. If you love to cook fish at home, a seafood spatula is a special tool you need to own. Williams Sonoma spatulas for fish are available as single units, making them a simple addition to any kitchen or a nice finishing touch to a cooking gift set for the food lovers in your life.

  • Every fish spatula features a thin handle with a long, flexible flipping tool at the end. The durable yet flexible flipper is designed to slip underneath delicate food items without them tearing or breaking.
  • Since seafood spatulas are also always slotted, cooking fat or broth drains off once you lift. The excess liquid draining allows you to keep your plates clean when serving fish to guests and creates a healthier meal.
  • For the flipping tool at the head of the spatula, you'll have a choice between nonstick nylon or stainless steel. Both options are durable, flexible and heat-resistant up to high temperatures.
  • If you'll be using nonstick frying pans, spatulas with nylon flippers are the ideal choice. The BPA-free nonstick nylon is safe for use with all types of nonstick cooking pots and pans and nonstick bakeware.
  • For the handle, choose from stainless steel, smooth beechwood or synthetic materials. Stainless steel handles are sleek and shiny while beechwood handles give the utensil a natural, traditional look. Synthetic handles are specially designed to stay cool as you flip and fry.
  • Some spatulas also include a leather loop at the end of the handle so you can hang the tool for storage rather than using a kitchen drawer or utensil crock.

A fish spatula is an uncommon tool but one which deserves a spot in any fish lover's kitchen. These flexible slotted spatulas slip easily underneath delicate food items like fish, eggs, crepes and more to flip and serve. Shop spatulas for fish at Williams Sonoma to change the way your fish is cooked, then upgrade the rest of your utensil collection with matching frying spatulas, spoons, tongs and more.