Delicious Chicken Sauce

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    Our Test Kitchen has taken customers' all-time-favorite recipes and turned them into time-saving meal starters designed exclusively for the Instant Pot. This sauce highlights the citrusy-sweet flavors of orange chicken, a favorite from Chinese restaurant menus. Made with orange zest and honey, it's delicious and easy to prepare – simply combine with sautéed chicken, cook for 10 minutes and serve over rice. 27 oz. Makes 4–6 servings. Made in USA.
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    Founded in St. James, England, more than 300 years ago, Fortnum & Mason is a renowned purveyor of fine food and a favorite of the British royal family. This cranberry sauce will taste familiar to American palates, with its plump, juicy fruit and tart sweetness. In addition to turkey, the irresistible condiment makes a delicious accompaniment to chicken, ham and cheese platters. 8.11 oz. Made in U.K. Williams Sonoma is the only American retailer privileged to offer Fortnum & Mason products.
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    Our long-simmered braising sauces bring a bounty of flavor to beef, pork and chicken dishes, minimizing prep time while adding delicious character. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients that include full-bodied wines, fresh vegetables and gourmet spices, the sauces offer delicious depth and complexity of flavor. Combine with meat or poultry in a slow cookers or Dutch ovens. Our special set of four braising sauces includes Black Truffle Short Rib, French Red Wine and Leek, and Irish Stout. Black Truffle Short Rib: Add luxurious character to classic homemade short ribs with a combination of earthy black truffles, red Burgundy wine, sweet caramelized onions, savory garlic and aromatic herbs. French Red Wine and Leak: Classic French ingredients and seasonings impart a complex and satisfying flavor. This simmering sauce utilizes Burgundy wine and tomatoes alongside strong savory onion, garlic and aromatic herbs. Irish Stout: Classic, hearty and bold, this sauce features strong stout beer in the foreground that’s complemented by onion garlic and veal stock, for a rich savory flavor that lasts. Set of three, one of each flavor 11.5 to 12 oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.  
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    It's easy to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal on a weeknight with this quick simmering sauce. Classic comforting flavors like bacon, butternut squash, garlic and spices make it well-suited to family dinners. Simply heat, pair with chicken, beef or tofu and serve. Sauce combines savory chicken stock and bacon with sweet butternut squash, celery, onion, leeks, garlic and spices. Ingredients are slow-simmered for hours for rich, complex flavors. 1 lb. 4 oz. Made in USA.
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    Inspired by the everyone's favorite dressing, our delicious sauce is a ranch lover's dream come true. Handcrafted in the heart of America's barbecue country, it's prepared with real buttermilk, whole eggs, garlic, chives and a splash of lemon juice for creamy, tangy flavor. Enjoy this versatile sauce with everything from grilled chicken and seafood to vegetables and baked potatoes. 16 oz. No sugar added. Made in USA.
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    You may have grilled the perfect burger, but it's not sublime until you add the finishing touch. Our handcrafted sauce delivers an explosion of flavor to homemade burgers. Savory condiment sauce made with mayonnaise, dill pickles, ketchup, Worcestershire, spicy brown mustard and spices. Prepared in small batches using all-natural ingredients. Spread it on burgers and steak sandwiches. Also delicious as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders and fries. 9 oz. Made in USA. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
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    Crafted in Italy using a family recipe, this sauce combines the rich, savory flavors of pecorino and Padano cheeses with the floral notes of black summer truffles. It's delicious paired with penne or rigatoni, or as a base for chicken alfredo. Simply heat and top with fresh grated Italian cheese. 15 oz. Made in Italy.
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    Experience a myriad of delicious, complex flavors with our set of barbecue sauces. Drawing on regional flavor combinations from across America, from Tennessee to Texas to the Pacific Northwest, each slow-simmered sauce is designed to enhance the barbeque experience. Slather them on everything from burgers and ribs to chicken, pork and fish using the included basting brush. Sweet Onion Applewood: Southern blend of smoke and spices, with sweet Vidalia onions, fragrant applewood smoke, apple juice, molasses, black pepper and red chiles. Bourbon Black Pepper: Robust red barbecue sauce made with real Kentucky bourbon, ancho chiles and hickory for smoky heat, with a touch of molasses and tomato puree for tangy sweetness. Ghost Chile Garlic: Five-alarm sauce is made with fresh-picked bhut jolokia peppers from the Assam region of India, balanced with vine-ripened California tomatoes, fresh garlic and a touch of honey. Maple Mesquite: Slow-simmered sauce blends natural mesquite smoke and bold spice, balanced by the sweetness of pure maple syrup. Jalapeño Peach: Delicious sauce highlights the natural sweetness of fresh peaches by simmering them with ketchup, brown sugar and mellow roasted garlic. Jalapeños add just enough spicy heat.  Potlatch: Perfect with fish, this slow-simmered, tomato-based sauce is sweet with the flavors of paprika, oregano, basil and coriander. Lemon, vinegar and natural smoke flavor give it complexity and tang. Set includes six 8-oz. bottles and basting brush. 48-oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Quick and delicious weeknight meals are easy with this gourmet starter sauce set. Blending classic quality ingredients, each starter sauce is kettle-cooked for satisfying, homemade flavor. Simply heat, add chicken, beef or pork and enjoy. Pulled Pork Starter: A sweet and smoky blend of spicy brown mustard, tangy apple cider vinegar, savory chicken demi-glace, vine-ripened tomato and blackstrap molasses. (1 lb. 8.5 oz.) Sloppy Joe Starter: A blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, savory veal demi-glace, extra-virgin olive oil, sweet red bell peppers, garlic and spices. (1 lb. 8.5 oz.) Taco Starter: A blend fire roasted tomatoes, garlic, apple cider vinegar, fire roasted green chilies, garlic, onions and spices. (16 oz.) Each starter makes 6–8 servings. Made in USA.
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    Our Test Kitchen has taken customers' all-time-favorite recipes and turned them into time-saving meal starters designed exclusively for the Instant Pot. This sauce highlights the bold, spicy flavors of yellow chicken curry, a favorite from Thai restaurant menus. Made with tomatoes, curry, turmeric and serrano peppers, it's delicious and easy to prepare – simply combine with sautéed chicken, cook for 10 minutes and serve over rice. 24 oz. Makes 4–6 servings. Made in USA.
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    Texas BBQ is legendary for flavor as big as the Lone Star State itself. Our bright, peppery sauce gets its authentic character from ripe tomatoes, aged cayenne pepper mash, dried guajillo and smoky chipotle chilies, black pepper, and the roasted barley malt and light hoppiness of Texas's own Shiner Bock beer from Spoetzl Brewery. Texas 'cue purists will use this sauce exclusively on slow-smoked brisket, but we find it’s no less delicious on chicken or pork. 14 oz. Made in USA.
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    Transform burgers from tasty to sublime with our Roasted Garlic Burger Bomb Sauce. We begin with caramelized roasted garlic and homemade mayonnaise, then add Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and sea salt for an explosion of savory, tangy flavors. Ideal on burgers, it also makes a delicious accompaniment to panini, Reuben sandwiches and chicken wings. 9 oz. Made in USA.