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Clear Champagne Flutes

  • $24.95 $49.95
    Since 1956, innovation, quality and craftsmanship have been part of the Williams Sonoma legacy. We're proud to bring you these elegant Champagne toasting flutes from our signature stemware collection, designed in-house in collaboration with expert sommeliers, winemakers and chefs. Each toasting flute is masterfully mouth-blown of clear, lead-free glass in a slender, tall shape designed to preserve and display the bubbles that make Champagne a favorite for festive occasions. Designed by William-Sonoma and handcrafted exclusively for us by master glass blowers. Best for Champagne, Champagne-style sparkling wines, Prosecco and Cava. Slim, tall flute bowl preserves the bubbles in sparkling wines and pushes them up the glass, creating a beautiful presentation. Long, slender stems are comfortable to hold. Perfect for formal entertaining and durable enough for everyday use. Dishwasher safe.  Set of two.
  • Sugg. Price $32.95 $65.90 Our Price $32.95 $59
    Experts with the world's most discerning palates helped develop Riedel's Vinum series, a glassware collection designed to flatter specific types of wines and liquors. These elegant crystal flutes showcase the best qualities of Champagne and other sparkling wine, including Cuvée Prestige, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine and Rosé Champagne. Machine-made of brilliantly clear crystal glass. Fluted bowl provides ample breathing space, which concentrates the yeasty bouquet and brings out the full range of aromas. Narrow rim directs the flow of liquid to areas of the tongue that recognize the creamy texture. To preserve the Champagne's effervescence, each flute has a tiny dot etched into the base of its bowl, generating a continuous stream of bubbles. Made in Germany by Riedel, a family-owned company since 1756. Set of two.
  • Sugg. Price $36 $72 Our Price $36 $64
    From Riedel's Grape collection, these sophisticated glasses combine elegant pulled stems with customized bowls that are designed to accentuate the best attributes of Champagne and other fine sparkling wines. The shimmering crystal stemware ensures a perfectly balanced tasting experience, whether the occasion is a quiet dinner for two or an evening of entertaining. Machine-made of brilliantly clear crystal glass. Varietal-specific bowls showcase the distinctive flavors and bouquet of Champagne and other fine sparkling wines. Sleek pulled stems create an attractive cleft in the bottom of the bowls, highlighting the color of the wine within. Made in Germany by Riedel, a family-owned company famous for exquisite glassware since 1756. Set of two.
  • Sugg. Price $14.95 Sale $5.99
    The perfect barware for sharing the sparkling wine you love with the ones you love. Etched with hearts, these stemless flutes bring out the effervescence in Champagnes, Cavas, Crémants and other effervescent varietals. The set of four makes a great Valentine's Day gift for fans of sparkling wine. Crafted from clear, machine-blown glass and etched with a heart. Classic flute shape enhances the bubbles and bouquet of sparkling wine. Dishwasher safe. Set of four.
  • $9.95 $39.95
    Our signature Encore stemware balances elegant design and exceptional durability, so it's perfect for entertaining and sturdy enough for everyday use. Distinguished by a sleek pulled stem that highlights the color of the sparkling wine within, each piece is expertly machine-blown of brilliantly clear, lead-free crystalline glass. The bowl’s tall, slender shape is designed to preserve and display the wine's festive bubbles. This set of four makes it easy to stock the bar so you have plenty on hand for large gatherings. Designed by William-Sonoma and crafted exclusively for us at a European glassworks. Ideal for Champagne, Champagne-Style sparkling wines, Prosecco and Cava. Machine blown of strong yet lightweight lead-free glass that resists breakage. Dishwasher safe.  Made in Germany. Set of four.  
  • Sugg. Price $67.95 Our Price $59.95
    Toast with this set of stemless Champagne glasses, hand blown of clear, sparkling glass. The slim glasses' gold rims and sparkle decals bring a convivial vibe to festive gatherings and celebratory occasions all year long. Each glass is distinguished with its own word: "sparkle," "toast," "pop" and "bubbles." Hand blown of clear, durable glass. Perfect for festive occasions. Set of four: Sparkle, Toast, Pop and Bubble. Dishwasher safe.  Set of four.