6 Piece Knife Block

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    Sora is Japanese for "sky," and the Shun Sora collection soars high in performance while offering down-to-earth value. With a traditional Japanese handle and blade shape, Sora knives deliver smooth, razor-sharp cutting and a lightweight feel that's easy to control. The composite blade reveals a beautiful wavy pattern characteristic of Japanese swordsmithing. Six-piece set includes cutlery essentials plus a storage block. Blade features a VG-10 "super steel" core clad in stainless steel on each side for a san mai edge that is stain-resistant. Cutting edge is braze-welded to a mirror-polished Japanese steel upper, creating a traditional rippled pattern. Handle is a textured polymer blend for a secure grip and easy care. Handcrafted in Japan. 6-piece set includes: 3 1/2" paring knife. 6" utility knife. 8" chef's knife. 9" honing steel. Kitchen shears. 11-slot bamboo storage block. Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.
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    Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery is peak-sharp every time you use it, thanks to ingenious SharpIN™ Technology with ceramic sharpeners built right into the knife block. Whenever you pull out a knife or place it back, the blade is sharpened at the correct angle. This 6-piece set includes a storage block with sharpeners in four slots for the straight-edge knives. Built-in ceramic sharpeners automatically sharpen straight-edge knives with each use. Sharp blades are fully forged from high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel. Bolsters and full tangs ensure ideal balance and maximum strength. Handles with three visible rivets are contoured for a secure, comfortable grip. For easy identification, end caps are labeled with the knife's name and size. 6-piece set includes: 3 1/2" paring knife 5" santoku 6" serrated utility knife 8" chef's knife Kitchen shears 5-slot blonde rubberwood storage block. Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.
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    Chop and dice with exceptional precision and control. Made to the exacting standards of Japanese professional chefs, this award-winning hand-forged steel cutlery is carefully weighted for balance and comfort. Five home-chef essentials and a knife block make up this set. Stamped blades are made of exceptionally hard Cromova 18 high-carbon stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to resist corrosion. Prominent 1/4" edges are visible to the naked eye and ground straight to a point rather than beveled, resulting in impressive sharpness and edge retention. Stainless-steel handles are seamlessly constructed and textured for a good grip. Crafted to professional standards, these knives are lightweight yet perfectly balanced. Stainless-steel storage block's angled design helps protect the blades, and its nonslip rubber base anchors the block securely on a countertop. Block has slots for ten knives and a honing steel. 6-Piece Set includes: 4" paring knife. 5 1/4" chef's/utility knife. 7" Asian chef's knife 8 1/4" carving knife. 8 3/4" bread knife. 11-slot storage block.Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.
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    Messermeister's Royale Elite series offers the rare pairing of a California walnut burl handle with the finest-quality German steel blade. These limited-edition knives are handmade in Germany by third-generation master craftsmen who use traditional techniques and 45 individual steps of production. An elegant, one-of-a-kind set for culinary enthusiasts, this 6-piece collection includes all the cutlery essentials for everyday cooking. Knife blade is German high-carbon, stain-free alloy that resists stains and corrosion. Hot-drop hammer forging produces an exceedingly strong blade from heel to tip. Edge is hand stropped on a cloth wheel, creating the sharpest possible cutting surface on an edged tool. Handle is California walnut burl wood with distinctive markings unique to each knife. Handcrafted in the historic cutlery center of Solingen, Germany. 6-piece set includes: 3 1/2" paring knife 6" utility knife 8" chef's knife 9" bread knife 10" honing steel 16-slot walnut knife block Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.
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    From the makers of the iconic Wolf range, Wolf Gourmet cutlery is meticulously crafted to the same level of commercial-kitchen performance. Advanced laser technology produces a blade edge that is razor-sharp and extremely resistant to chipping. A blend of German steel forging and Japanese precision, this cutlery set displays the famous Wolf logo on the wooden block and on each knife bolster. Six-piece essential knife set is a striking complement to Wolf ranges and appliances. Blades are forged from a single piece of specialty high-carbon stainless steel. Patent-pending blade shape is designed to reduce hand fatigue. Tempered and ice-hardened to 61 Rockwell hardness for exceptional durability. Triple-riveted, moisture-resistant Pakkawood handles offer a secure grip. Lifetime warranty. Made in Germany. 6-Piece Set includes: 3" paring knife 5 1/2" utility knife 8" chef's knife 10" bread knife 10" honing steel 10-slot wood storage block with tablet/book rest Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.
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    Form meets function in Laguiole en Aubrac's handcrafted knife collection. From France's legendary knife maker, this stunning set of cutlery essentials is created by the work of a single craftsman. Blades are forged from ultra-strong Swedish Sandvik stainless steel; each handle showcases the organic grains and hues of a prized wood – ebony, boxwood, walnut, olivewood, rosewood and juniper. The collection includes a magnetic oak block for safe and easy storage that preserves the razor-sharp blades. Set includes six handmade kitchen knives: 4" and 5" paring knives, 6" and 7 3/4" chef's knives, 7 3/4" slicing knife and 7 3/4" bread knife. Stainless-steel blades are expertly crafted for lasting sharpness and durability. Each handle is made from a different wood: ebony, boxwood, walnut, olivewood, rosewood and juniper. Magnetic storage block is made of Hungarian oak. Crafted in France's Laguiole region, each set includes a certificate of authenticity.
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    In its seventh-generation of family ownership, Wüsthof has been making some of the finest kitchen cutlery in the world since 1814. The Gourmet line features precision stainless-steel blades that resist stains and rust and hold an exceedingly sharp edge. Special set includes six 4 1/2” steak knives and a 6-slot storage block that keeps them handy on the countertop. The serrations along these steak knives’ edges allow them to “saw” through meat without crushing or tearing for cleaner cuts. The stamped blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel for top performance and durability. Triple-riveted high-impact plastic handles provide a secure, comfortable grip. Handsome 6-slot hardwood block is gentle on knives’ edges. Steak knives: 4 1/2”-long blade; 4 1/2”-long handle; 1.75 oz. Knives are made in Germany. Knife block is made in China.
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    This set of Laguiole Jean Debost steak knives comes complete with a wooden block, making it an impressive collection for entertaining. The Jean Dubost company, founded in 1920, chooses the best steels and materials in order to provide Laguiole products 100% made in France. Each knife is hand polished and finished for a difference in quality you can really see and feel, with the utmost respect for the cutlery tradition. Set includes six steak knives and a beechwood storage block. High-quality stainless-steel blades offer superior durability, stain resistance and a pleasing heft. Slightly curved blade with serrated edge cuts easily through meat. Handles of molded resin or polished stainless steel. Made in Laguiole, France.