Thanksgiving Pantry

There are so many elements of a good Thanksgiving dinner. From the main dish and sides to the delicious desserts, this is a meal characterized by certain beloved components. Williams-Sonoma’s Thanksgiving stuffing, gravy and condiments are all delicious versions of treasured classics that you can incorporate into your meal in order to save some time and guarantee excellent flavor. From seasoning blends to stuffing mixes and delicious jars of ready-to-serve cranberry chutney, we have everything you need to add flavor and spice to your Thanksgiving meal. Whether you’re cooking for a small group or a large crowd, our Thanksgiving pantry staples are the perfect choice for helping your meal prep run smoothly.


Our gravy and turkey prep options are the perfect choice for the traditional Thanksgiving table. Use our brine and seasoning kits to make sure your roasted bird turns out in amazing fashion, with the perfect crispy golden-brown skin and moist, flavorful meat that you dream of all year long. And if you don’t have time to make turkey stock ahead for homemade gravy, just use our turkey gravy base to save yourself some work. Better yet, if you’re eager to get to the table and start eating once your turkey’s out of the oven, forgo gravy prep altogether with our complete jarred turkey gravies.


Even if turkey isn’t part of your Thanksgiving menu, we still have plenty of labor-saving options for you to take advantage of. We offer mixes, kits and seasonings for side dishes and other Thanksgiving dinner elements, from green bean casserole kits to jarred autumnal soups for your first course. Whether you’re vegetarian or simply interested in a different main dish other than the traditional bird, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your fancy among our Thanksgiving stuffing, gravy and condiments selections. Add a twist of truffle flavor to your mashed potatoes or go for a classic dinner roll mix to make life a bit easier.


Make your Thanksgiving dinner deliciously easy this year with our stuffing, gravy and condiments selections. Whether you want something ready to go right out of the jar or you want to seek some labor-saving assistance from a trusted source, we’ll be there for you on turkey day. Serve all the classics with aplomb and leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the feast yourself. After all, you deserve a nice treat after putting in all that hard work in the kitchen. From deliciously textured cranberry sauces to extra flavoring for side dishes, our Thanksgiving stuffing, gravy and condiments are the perfect addition to your holiday pantry.

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