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Entertaining at Thanksgiving is frequently focused on food, and rightfully so. The food is the main event for this celebration of edible bounties, but that’s not all it takes to create a delightful holiday experience for you and your loved ones. Decor can also play a part in how enjoyable your Thanksgiving experience is, providing a feast for the eyes to accompany all the delicious dishes you plan to serve. Williams-Sonoma’s Thanksgiving decorations are the perfect option to add some seasonal flair and bountiful beauty to your dining room. From elegant dinner table accents to welcoming additions to your entryway, you can create an immersive and sophisticated holiday experience in your home.

To celebrate the natural beauty of the autumnal season, a few botanical decor elements such as floral arrangements and leafy wreaths go a long way. Add one of our fragrant fresh-leaf wreaths to your door, or use a garland of aromatic bay leaves to trim your dining table. If you want autumnal decor to display from the start of the season through Thanksgiving, take a look at our faux and dried wreaths and garlands, which incorporate seasonal colors and textures to create a fantastic fall look. Some of our wreaths and garlands include edible imagery in the form of real, faux or dried fruits and herbs for a special food-focused decorative touch.

We offer an excellent selection of candles and candleholders to bring a glamorous elegance to your dining room. Dining by candlelight gives a special-occasion feel to any meal, and that makes it the perfect choice to illuminate your Thanksgiving feast. Whether you choose to leave a dimmed overhead chandelier on to assist in creating the right level of light or you use dozens of candles to create a moody and romantic ambience, we have candle options to suit your need. Options may include festive favorites such as tiny tapers to fit into miniature turkey candleholders or all-purpose candelabras and pillar candle stands that you can keep in your dining room all year long.

Get creative with how you use our decorative garlands and wreaths; they don’t just have to hang on your front door or mantelpiece. If you plan to serve your Thanksgiving meal buffet style, use some garland to dress up the buffet table. Layer leafy garlands behind your serving setup so it’s not in the way, but arrange your serving dishes to allow for maximum viewing of your decorative display. Little touches like this add to the cozy and inviting feel of your gathering, so think outside the box with your approach to create a memorable experience for all.

Though certain food items, including turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie, are considered iconic staples of the Thanksgiving menu, your family may have religious and lifestyle priorities that make your dinner look different. But no matter what you serve, whether it’s vegan stuffed squash or a wild and wonderful turducken, the right decor adds a special element to your meal to give it a perfectly festive and friendly feeling.

You don’t need to host an elaborate Thanksgiving meal at home to make good use of our decor options for this holiday. Decorate your home to get in the festive spirit even if your planned meal is just for a friendly group of two or three. Our Thanksgiving decorations can also make great host or hostess gifts for the person who welcomes you into their home for this warm and cozy holiday. Arrive with a beautiful fresh-leaf wreath that’s perfect for straddling the late-fall early-winter period between Thanksgiving and mid-December and your host will have something to remember you buy for weeks to come.