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Thanksgiving Essentials

Stock up on your favorite gear well in advance of the holiday season. Whether you’re one of the millions of people who search for turkey roasting tips every year or someone who follows a time-honored family recipe, Williams-Sonoma has the Thanksgiving essentials you need to create a memorable holiday. Our Thanksgiving collection helps you with everything from creating a delicious menu to setting a festive table.


From the perfect cheese platter to gorgeous turkeys, we carry a variety of food items that are ideal for gracing your Thanksgiving table. Let our desserts, cocktail mixers, coffees, side dishes, appetizers and entrées help round out your menu to complete your holiday spread.


With roasting pans perfect for the holiday turkey pan, professional cookware sets and everything in between, we carry all the pots, pans, cocottes and baking dishes you need to whip up masterful main dishes and delicious sides. Look for pieces that are large enough to fit everything from simmering stock and big batches of pasta to delectable chili and soup, while still being sized right for your storage space. Additionally, look for pots and pans with heavy bottoms so that you can simmer and sauté without worrying about burning.


Rely on our cooks tools to make everything from brining and marinating to trussing and mashing easier than you could imagine. Our collection of tools lets you wrangle your Thanksgiving preparation into submission, while providing essential functions for meals throughout the year. Whether you’re comfortable in the kitchen or new to the culinary crafts, our tools give you the edge you need to make preparation simpler.


Create an ambience of gratitude and autumnal elegance with our Thanksgiving decor. Wreaths offer a cheerful greeting for guests who come knocking on your door. Set the table with elegant candleholders and glowing candles, or intersperse these decorative objects among your buffet dishes. Add decor among the Moscow mule mugs and wine glasses on your bar, or drape seasonal garland in strategic areas in high traffic areas to set the mood.


Bake, prep and chop with ease. Our collection of kitchen electrics make Thanksgiving work smoother, but they also offer a hand in everyday food prep. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with our food processors, mixers and slow cookers, which act as an extra set of hands to give you the boost you need to prepare everything from a simple meal to an elaborate feast.

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