Cereal Bowls

Soup & Salad Bowls


From rice to cereal to soup, every kitchen needs a good collection of bowls. The Williams-Sonoma tabletop collection features a large selection of bowls for every occasion, from breakfast by yourself to a fancy four-course dinner party. After using your ice cream maker or pasta machine to make some gourmet grub, give it presentation it deserves in a hefty, sturdy and beautiful ceramic bowl. If entertaining guests, pure white bowls let the food you prepared all day stand out. For a more rustic, earthy look in the kitchen, consider serving a large salad communally out of a wooden bowl.

After hours spent over a large stock pot, carefully stirring and combining ingredients, make sure you have the best possible bowl to serve a soup or a stew in. Bowls made of stoneware with a glaze are sturdy and durable, and they do not get hot when you pour your food into them. Find a set of bowls that is safe in both the dishwasher and microwave, or a set of bowls that lets you reheat your food directly in the oven for the best results. Bowls with white outsides and patterned insides reveal to guests a fancy and fun surprise once they finish their course. There are also wide-rimmed soup bowls that serve broth-based dishes just as well as pasta and meats.

If you are a fan of making the classic French-onion soup, we offer a set of soup bowls made just for the dish. These bowls are also safe to go into the oven, letting you create a browned cheese topping and a crusty bread base. The handle on these bowls lets you dig your spoon into the food at every angle, making sure you get a taste of cheese, soup and broth in every single bite. The bowls are also safe to go into the dishwasher, ideal for tackling caked on cheese.

Cereal is perhaps the most popular way to start the day, and we offer bowls for every type of occasion. Whether you just want your kids to get a good breakfast before school or if you run a bed and breakfast, find a set of bowls that covers all of your bases. Brasserie bowls feature an all-white design with a simple colored band around them, perfect for coordinating with the color scheme of your kitchen or dining room. Square bowls give your classic breakfast a touch of modernism, and they feature a durable design to resist cracking and chipping from spoon usage. The bowls can also go in the freezer, making it easy to prepare desserts well before serving them.

When you serve pasta, find a set of bowls that features lower sides so guests can twirl their spoons easily to pick up long strands of noodles. Pasta bowls with lower sides are also good if you decide to serve a cut of meat or seafood on top for your guest to cut. Also, if you require guests to cut a lot of their pasta, find bowls that are resistant to scratching to keep them looking pristine for years.

If you have your own backyard garden, give vegetables the best presentation possible using a wooden bowl. Bowls made of walnut and cherry are the most popular, giving an extra fresh scent to your selection of produce. Chop your salad, and place it on the table for guests to serve themselves in a larger bowl. Give each guest a smaller wooden bowl so they too can enjoy the essence, nuttiness and naturalness of the wood while they eat. Find a set of wooden bowls that have an application of lacquer to make cleaning up after the salad course easy.

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