Classic Collections: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Dressing the table with salt and pepper shakers adds a fun, warm touch to meals. These staple seasonings make it out at nearly every meal. A special set of shakers becomes a touchstone for your dining table, another detail that makes your home yours. Collect sets for every occasion or to commemorate meaningful meals.

What Are Salt and Pepper Shakers?

Salt and pepper shakers are separate containers for salt and pepper. Usually paired up as a set, they often feature decorative elements, like sculptural silhouettes or unique finishes.

  • Sets can be nearly exact matches, just with a different amount of holes in the top.
  • The rules aren't strict, but traditionally, you put the salt in the shaker with more holes and the pepper in the shaker with fewer.
  • In recent years, people have switched it up. Since salt is finer, it makes sense to let it flow through fewer holes so that the pepper can have more space.
  • Other sets aren't exact matches but complement each other in theme.

Why Do People Collect Salt and Pepper Shakers

Many people collect salt and pepper accessories. Shakers have been a traditional homekeeping collection for years.

  • If you have a vintage set, pair it with a modern set in copper or walnut, to ensure everyone at a long dining table has easy reach.
  • They make great gifts. They're fun to shop. They fit into gift boxes nicely for beautiful wrapping.
  • They're an all-around, go-to gift for housewarmings or hostess gifts as dinner parties.
  • Sets known for being whimsical or highly artistic, too. These tabletop accessories can lighten a formal table or make a casual one feel significant.

An Endless Set of Design Choices

The design options make it fun to fill a shelf with shaker sets interspersed with glasses, vases or other decor. A solid collection includes a casual set, a formal set, an artisanally-crafted set and perhaps a vintage or antique set.

  • Start with a beautiful wooden set. These are often turned by hand.
  • Look for new types of fabrication, like marble and copper, for an upscale look.
  • Antique or hammered brass lends a dramatic style to the table, too.
  • Ceramic is traditional for salt and pepper containers. These can be painted to gorgeous effect.

Other Accessories for Salt and Pepper

A collection might start with shakers and expand to include salt and pepper mills. Some start to collect keepers and cellars, carved jars with delicate spoons. Stoneware crocks often hold salt without letting moisture in, too.

Begin curating your collection today by adding a new set of shakers to your home.