Beer & Wine Storage

If you are a wine connoisseur, choosing the right wine gadgets and wine storage is an important part of presenting and protecting your collection. Several options are available to choose from. Along with your collection of corkscrews and decanters, a standard wine cabinet is an essential tool for storing the wine you drink with meals. A wooden wine rack is also a decorative addition to your kitchen if you have traditional decor, or you can opt for a stainless-steel wine rack if you prefer a modern look. If you want to store more wine, a wine refrigerator is an excellent alternative to a traditional wine rack.

When you collect wine, you should opt for a wine refrigerator with a ultraviolet light-resistant door to ensure your bottles are protected from excess light, and choose a dual-zone refrigerator if you have wines with varying temperature requirements. To store wine that is opened, you can choose a wine stopper. Wine stoppers are available in a selection of styles, including those with figurines on the top to add a decorative touch to your wine bottles. For champagne, a resealer is an option that retains the bubbles in the beverage. Just place the resealer or stopper in the top for the bottle to ensure a fresh, just-opened flavor.

Some occasions, such as dinner parties or holiday gatherings, require a full bottle of wine. You can use a decanter to enhance the flavor of the wine before serving it to your guests. Choose a glass decanter when serving older wines to separate the sediment from the liquid while the flavor of young wines improves greatly when the wine is exposed to oxygen through the decanting process. To decant wines properly, pour the wine slowly into the decanting container for optimum oxygen exposure and avoid shaking the wine to keep the sediment separate.

Additionally, it is best to decant younger wines in advance to maximize oxygen exposure while older wines with sediment are best when decanted immediately before serving. Some young wines also have sediment. An aerator is also an option to maximize oxygen exposure before serving wine. Aerators are available in a variety of styles, including handheld options and those that sit on top of the decanter. Opt for a combination aerator and pourer for the convenience of pouring wine straight from the bottle to the glass, or choose an aerator and decanter set to display your wine elegantly during a dinner party.

If you or your guests prefer beer, you can choose a beer opener to make serving a cinch. Install a novelty beer opener on your kitchen wall to open beers easily any time, or choose a traditional beer opener to use for picnics and backyard barbecues. Mixed drinks are also a popular option and are simple to prepare with a few recipes and some basic tools. Add a jigger measuring beaker to your collection to measure liquors for mixed drinks perfectly, or choose a martini shaker to make a tasty shaken martini.

For a stirred martini, choose a martini mixer with a stirring wand rather than a traditional shaker. To make other types of mixed drinks, choose a shaker set that fits onto a basic Mason canning jar. William-Sonoma offers a variety of shakers and mixers to choose from, including specialty items such as monogrammed flasks. A variety of basic supplies, including wine and beer glasses, are also available. Opt for modern wine tumblers for a causal evening with friends, or choose stemmed wineglasses for a special evening. With a selection of barware, gadgets and storage, you are prepared to serve and store wine, mixed drinks and beer to friends and family any time.

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