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Gourmet Food Sale

Channel your inner chef and stock your kitchen with scrumptious essentials from the gourmet food sale we have at Williams-Sonoma. Browse through appetizers, desserts, entrées and beverages, so that you have everything you need to prepare a delicious feast in a moment’s notice. Conventional recipes require that you spend your time procuring an assortment of ingredients before following a step-by-step process. For a change of pace, opt for flavorful ready-made dishes that you can warm within minutes in your oven or toaster oven. Plan for your next event by first selecting your appetizers. Bite-sized sliders packed with juicy meat and tangy sauces, are one option sure to please your palate. A variety pack that boasts different flavors and meats ensures that there is something for every guest at your next event.

Another alternative that encourages an assortment of offerings is the appetizer sampler. This selection includes three distinct heat-and-serve party foods. With so many delectable possibilities, expect your serving trays to overflow with irresistible offerings. Store an extra tray of ready-made appetizers in your freezer to guarantee that you always have something to serve at impromptu get-togethers.

Keep your guests’ glasses full by keeping tea, punch and coffee on hand. A breakfast blend coffee displays a smooth flavor that pairs well with both baked goods and savory offerings. Serve it at all of your morning and mid-morning events. The coffee comes as grounds rather than beans. Just add your filter-drip brewer or French press to prepare a steaming pot. If you prefer tea, add more tasty flavors to your collection like peppermint and jasmine. Citrus and rich herbs help enhance the flavor. Not only is tea rich in antioxidants, but you can also control your caffeine intake by changing your preferred flavor. After using your tea kettle to prepare your hot water, add the water and the tea sachet to your teacup. Tea that comes with a tin storage canister makes it easy to store the sachets until serving time. It also doubles as a terrific host gift.

Pair buttery stuffing with a tender roast for a scrumptious, filling dinner. A batch of prepared stuffing yields a homemade taste without the extensive prep work. Bread cubes come mixed with spices, herbs and chicken broth to provide a final product that is brimming with flavor. Layer the stuffing in your baking dish and cook as directed. Choose from multiple stuffing mixes to find the flavor combo that complements your dinner.

When planning your meal, don’t forget the dessert. Cupcake, bread and cookie mixes make it a cinch to prepare a delicious batch of decadent baked goods. Add a few common ingredients and bake according to the instructions. As you prepare your menu, it is prudent to consider any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Gluten-free dessert mixes ensure that guests who are forgoing gluten have a treat that they can enjoy. If you prefer to skip mixing and baking, swap the dessert mix for a frozen dessert. Mini cheesecakes come ready for serving. Defrost and serve as is or with your favorite toppings. On special occasions, celebrate with a decorated cake. Fully frosted and ready-to-eat freezer cakes eliminate last-minute trips to the bakery.

Keep oils and jellies on hand for your cakes and bread items. A sample pack of olive oils lets you taste new flavors without having to purchase an entire bottle. After slicing a loaf of fresh bread with your bread knife, layer on a thick coating of sweet marmalade. This marmalade contains only the freshest, juiciest fruits. A hint of sugar enhances the sweetness. When in the mood for comfort food, break out a container of thick, brown gravy. This rich gravy boasts savory flavors that enhance the taste of practically any dish, including meat, potatoes and stuffing.