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Cedar Planks, Himalayan Salt Block & Salt Blocks

Thanks to Williams-Sonoma, you don’t have to be a four-star chef to obtain gourmet results from your grill. We offer professional-quality accessories that impart distinctive – and mouthwatering – flavors into your favorite meats, poultry, fish, seafood and more. And best of all, they’re not difficult to use. One of the most innovative items you’ll find is a Himalayan salt plate. Increasingly popular, they have virtually unlimited uses in both cooking and serving. Wood and slate boards can also be used for serving grilled meats for an interesting appearance. Or select one of our sophisticated platters for a formal occasion. Himalayan pink salt has different properties than other salts, due to specific trace minerals present. That makes its flavor unique among salts. In addition, because its crystals a packed so tightly together, it is an excellent conductor of heat. For grilling, it’s great for searing proteins since you have the heat of the grill on one side, and a heavy block of hot salt on the other, locking in moisture and glazing meats with a very thin layer of salt.
If your guests crave rustic smoked ribs or other barbecued offerings, we’ve got your covered. Hardwood hickory chips are ideal for smoking most meats, and impart a tasty flavor as well as a scintillating aroma. For unforgettable grilled fish, use our Williams-Sonoma Cedar Plank. It provides support to softer fish steaks to keep them from falling apart, while also giving it delicious tones. For a special meal, instead of soaking the plank in water, try using wine and chopped herbs instead. The result is sure to be amazing. Don’t forget to have our trusty grill tools on hand for added convenience.

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