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The beautiful, affordable, everyday
essentials in the Williams Sonoma Open
Kitchen collection bring casual dinner
parties to life all around the world. Here, a
few of our favorite celebrations, complete
with menus and recipes.

OPK-stories_02 A CHEF'S THANKSGIVING >Roy Choi's LA Party >
Open Kitchen Stories A Harvest Dinner at Noci Sonoma >A MAHALO MEAL IN HAWAII >
OPK-stories_04 The New Family Meal >A DINNER AT IZAKAYA RINTARO >
OPK-stories_05 A SPANISH TAPAS FEAST WITH AAXTE >Thanksgiving at Haven's Kitchen >
OPK-stories_06 Dinner with Hartwood in Tulum >A FRENCH FEAST WITH THE COOK'S ATELIER >
OPK-stories_07 Cocktails & Crostini Party >FRIENDSGIVING AT HAVEN RESTAURANT >
OPK-stories_08 Harvest Party in the Hudson Valley >COCKTAILS WITH BAR AMA IN L.A. >
OPK-stories_09 A Southern Celebration in Charleston >BREAKFAST WITH BLUESTONE LANE >
OPK-partnerships-Stories-Fa17_13- Thanksgiving with Sunday Suppers >VINEYARD DINNER IN SONOMA >
OPK-partnerships-Stories-H17D2_18-rr DINNER WITH OUTERLANDS RESTAURANT >Brunch with Chef Jason French >