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Inspired by India

Inspired by the fragrant spice markets, vibrant textiles
and longstanding culinary traditions of Northern India,
our new collections bring the style and flavors
of India to your kitchen and to your table.

Bright & Bold
Take a cue from Indian kitchens by incorporating vibrant colors and deep, complex
flavors into your next gathering.

Indian Cooking
From the aroma of toasting spices to the rich complexity of long-simmered sauces,
each step of Indian cooking is about building rich, deep flavor.

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“Indian cuisines vary widely from region
to region, but they are all bound by the abundant
use of spices and unique spice blends.”
-Vikas Khanna

The Indian Kitchen

All the cookware, tools and kitchen essentials
you need to make Indian food at home.


Inspired by Spice
Spices define much of Indian cooking, from the unique signature spice blends designed by
chefs and home cooks to the time-tested recipes and techniques.

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“If you really understand spices
you can revolutionize your
cooking and your health.”
-Padma Lakshmi

Guide to Spices