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Doing the dishes may not necessarily be high on the list of ways people like to pass the time. However, with a few home comforts, such as delicately scented dish soap, the experience becomes much more pleasurable, especially if you pick out a coordinated soothing lotion to pamper your hands when the hard work is over and it’s time to unwind. With our selection at Williams Sonoma, you have an opportunity to source natural cleansing products that use the power of essential oils to cleanse and provide a delicate scent to help you create the welcoming ambiance you want for your home.

Choosing Soaps & Lotions

Whether you’ve just come in from sorting the garbage cans, or you’ve just finished washing the dog, a good quality hand soap is essential for maintaining cleanliness and to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. Bottled hand soap with a pump dispenser is a good option as you have the option to use it with one hand, and it minimizes the mess associated with soap residue.

Dish soap is an important addition to the kitchen. Even if you have a dishwasher, there are sure to be times when you just need to wash a few plates, or you want to clean your prized champagne flutes and other items that aren’t dishwasher-safe. Using dish soap has the potential to dry out your skin, so make sure you pick up a good hand lotion at the same time. Lotion soothes and reduces redness, and it locks in moisture to prevent cracked and itchy skin. It’s a little treat for your hands for getting all that washing up done.

Fragranced Soaps

Fragranced soaps and lotions are so much more than functional ways to clean and soothe hard-working hands. A certain scent has the power to recall fond memories like a day at the beach, a picnic with the family or a happy celebration. Choosing soaps with ingredients that recall those treasured moments make even everyday chores an opportunity to reflect and remember how wonderful the world is. Products containing naturally derived essential oils are a good choice, as they provide fresh fragrances and natural cleaning and moisturizing properties without relying on harsh chemicals that could harm delicate skin.

Choosing Coordinated Sets

Having a medley of different aromas on hand may seem like a good way to keep your home smelling great. However, if you wash the dishes with fragranced dish soap, apply hand lotion and then light a candle to freshen up the room you may end up with a concoction of combating fragrances vying for your attention, making it harder to appreciate the delicate balance of the aromas. Choosing sets of coordinated soaps and lotions means you get a consistent fresh fragrance that fills your home and marries with your decor to create a sense of harmony for all the senses. These sets usually contain hand lotion and dish soap, which is a good combination for keeping by the kitchen sink. However, some sets contain hand soap, potpourri, diffusers with scented oils or even scented candles to add a hint of elegant aroma to revitalize your home. Such sets make wonderful gifts for a birthday or even as a way of welcoming someone to a new home, especially if the products are in a special presentation pack that includes a caddy for neatly storing bottles on the countertop when they aren’t in use.

Keeping your house clean and tidy is an essential element in creating a warm and welcoming home. Choose from various essential oils, such as orange citrus, Meyer lemon, French lavender or lemongrass and ginger to keep your home smelling fresh.

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