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Garment Steamers

The key to being ready for anything is having great tools on hand. Have you ever planned to wear a certain outfit to a special event, and you were convinced the outfit was hanging safely in your closet? Did you later discover that the outfit was actually bunched up on the hanger and wrinkled? That’s when a garment steamer from us at Williams Sonoma is ready to save the day. A few passes with the wand or steamer head, and you have a crisp, ready-to-wear Hawaiian shirt, cocktail dress or pair of dress pants instead of a gnarled remnant of your attire. Garment steamers also flush out odors and dust, so your clothes are fresher smelling and seem brighter.

Choose Portable Steamers for Travel

Portable steamers are ideal companions when you go on extended business trips. Our models are built for U.S. and Canadian electrical systems, so they’re safe to use at the cottage or hotel. Units deliver pressurized steam through a steam head, and some can continue steaming your wardrobe for up to 90 minutes on a single tank. Use the garment steamer with your ironing board at home or at your hotel. This gives you more time to focus on business and sightseeing, whether you’re on the road or close to home.

Order an Extra Stand Steamer for the Office

If your job requires impeccable attire, you need a garment steamer at home and at the office. Styles of stand-up steamers roll easily from a closet or armoire into the get-ready space in your bedroom or office. Some styles are ready for action in less than a minute, so you have rapidly sanitized and pressed blouses, dress shirts, suits and overcoats. A dedicated home garment steamer is a must-have tool before family weddings, graduations and other ceremonies. Suits that have been smashed in the rear of the closet are refreshed in minutes without extra trips to the dry cleaners.

Garment Steamers Help Clean More Than Garments

Use your garment steamer to renew and refresh other fabrics, including upholstery and drapes. Be sure to read all of the directions thoroughly and test fabrics before steaming. Spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that you can steam-refresh curtains, linens and upholstered furnishings without having to tie up the clothes washer, rent bulky steam equipment or send out your fabrics for cleaning. If you’re in the wedding party of an engaged couple, pack a garment steamer in your bags. Last-minute wardrobe touch-ups for the bride, groom and attendant are a breeze with a proper garment steamer. The loving gesture will soothe both unsightly wrinkles and wadded-up nerves, and the couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

With a garment steamer and similar accessories nearby, you’re ready to look your best wherever life takes you. Consider them an indispensable part of your wardrobe care kit.

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