Kitchen Stoves & Ovens

Williams-Sonoma Home’s kitchen stoves and ovens deliver style and substance in equal measure. With options available from legendary brands such as La Cornue, our selection of kitchen stoves and ovens offers unparalleled quality matched by incredible beauty. Stoves and ovens may be some of the most purely functional pieces of equipment in your entire home, but with these gorgeous appliances, it’s easy to inject even more design and beauty into your kitchen without sacrificing utility. You have your pick of gas and electric options with useful features such as convection oven functions, but that’s not where your options end. Many of these kitchen stoves and ovens also offer a variety of different design features that you can choose from to customize your ideal kitchen cooktop.

Imagine the rustic beauty of a vintage-style oven complete with authentic knobs and handles. Our kitchen stoves and ovens use sturdy materials such as brass and provide details in satin chrome for the ultimate in timeless luxury. Sometimes, nothing beats simplicity, and these ovens embrace time-tested cooking techniques while inspiring you to explore your love of culinary innovation. We’ve narrowed our focus to appliances that offer essential functionality in an enduringly fashionable package, giving you a stove that will always look its best where it belongs: right in your kitchen.

This timeless design means that our beautiful kitchen stoves and ovens can fit in with any decor style. These classic cookware appliances fit in beautifully in any home, from classic country French cottages to chic modern penthouses. Choose the color and finish that works best for your style and enjoy the beautiful look your new oven brings. You’ll also be able to find the perfect oven to match your kitchen’s proportions. With several different size options available, you can choose the stove that fits seamlessly into any space. Enjoy further customization with adjustable height features to achieve a perfectly level cooking surface that runs evenly from your kitchen counter to the cooktop of your new stove.

These customizable features mean that you can find an option that fits in beautifully with your built-in kitchen features such as cabinets and a central kitchen island. If you’re completely renovating your kitchen or you’re starting out in a new home, you’ll also find plenty of kitchen design inspiration on the menu when you consider these stoves and ovens. You may even find an option so spectacular that you end up building your entire kitchen around it, with appliances, cabinets and paint color choices all deriving from the look of your dream oven.

With their traditional styling and functional ornamental details, our kitchen stoves and ovens may feel like something straight out of a dream, and their excellent design makes them eye-catching in any setting. Even modern kitchens will look beautiful with one of these decorative, functional cooking elements installed. Modern cooks may prefer a clean stainless-steel finish or a black-and-steel look that embraces minimalism while also serving up a shot of classic French design. Great design transcends all boundaries, and these kitchen stoves and ovens stand as tangible proof.

Whether you’re baking a loaf of rustic French bread or stir frying a spicy Szechuan tofu dish, you’ll find excellent temperature control and consistent results with our kitchen stoves and ovens. Embrace the beautiful balance of form and function in your kitchen by bringing home one of these incredible appliances. Leave the utilitarian approach to the pros. Your home kitchen can be an even more inviting, welcoming space filled with beauty and personality. With our kitchen stoves and ovens, you can stay true to your sense of style while also reflecting your love of fine cooking.

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