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Kitchen Stoves & Ovens

The stove and oven are two of the most essential appliances for your kitchen. No matter if you love to cook gourmet food or prefer to toss a frozen pizza in the oven, a quality stove makes all the difference in how your meals turn out. At Williams Sonoma, we have stylish, high-quality kitchen stoves and ovens that work for any kitchen. Find the right one to take your cooking skills up a notch.

Choose the Right Type of Stove for Your Kitchen

Building a new kitchen or remodeling your kitchen means that you can choose the stove in the size and type that you want. If you’re simply updating or replacing your existing stove, then you’ll need to get accurate measurements and analyze your kitchen to determine which stove fits in the space. Freestanding stoves are the most versatile because they’re easy to install and fit anywhere that has a gas or electric hookup. Slide-in ranges sit flush with your cabinets for a streamlined look.

Cooking with Gas vs. Electric

Gas and electric are the two most common types of kitchen stoves available. Professional chefs and people who love to cook prefer gas ranges because of the level of precision in cooking and the ease of adjusting the heat to the right temperature. Gas ranges also use less energy than electric ranges for those looking to reduce their energy consumption.

Electric ranges are easy to clean, have a sleek look and don’t require a gas hookup in the kitchen. Electric stoves with a flat glass cooktop have a sleek look, giving the kitchen a clean and luxurious appearance. Electric stoves often come with extra features, such as different cooking modes, to make it easier to cook certain foods.

Get Even Heat in the Oven

When it comes to cooking and baking, it’s all about even heating. While professional chefs prefer gas ranges, bakers prefer electric ovens because they heat more evenly than their counterparts. However, convection ovens use fans to distribute the heat of a gas oven, boosting its performance. Dual ovens allow you to cook and bake at two different temperatures simultaneously. No matter what you’re cooking, always use a food thermometer to ensure that the food reaches the proper internal temperature for food safety.

Those who enjoy cooking large dinners or throwing dinner parties benefit from having a built-in warming drawer to keep cooked dishes warm before serving. Alternatively, a storage drawer under the stove increases storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen essentials. One last option to consider when selecting the perfect oven is a self-cleaning feature. This reduces the time you have to spend scrubbing your oven and keeps it looking like new.

Keep Kids Safe in the Kitchen

While there are several tools you can buy to child-proof your stove, there are some stoves that are better for homes with kids than others. For example, freestanding stoves have the controls on the back. This keeps them out of reach of children so that they don’t accidentally turn on the burners. In contrast, slide-in ranges have controls on the front. This gives it a sleek look, but puts the controls right in view and reach of small children.

Remove Steam and Odors from the Kitchen

A hood over the stove completes the look of your kitchen and should match the style and finish of your kitchen stove and oven. Hoods are equipped with fans to draw out steam, smoke and odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Built-in lights illuminate your stove to give you a better view of your food.

Kitchen stoves and ovens are essential for preparing home-cooked meals. No matter if you mainly cook for your family or love to host dinner parties, the right stove can make all the difference.

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