Office Lighting


Whether it’s your primary place of business or it’s simply a refuge where you can take care of various household responsibilities, your home office is a quiet haven for focus and productivity. Like the rest of your space, though, you probably want to make your home office feel comfortable and stylish. Each element of the room can be ideally suited to your aesthetic preferences and design priorities, and that includes your home office lighting. If you’re looking for desk lighting that balances style and substance, Williams-Sonoma Home has just the right lamps to suit. From subtle, classic task lamps to gorgeous, sculptural table lamps, our home office lighting collection offers an excellent variety of options to consider.

Lighting serves a practical purpose in the home office, but there’s an element of style customization available for you to take advantage of too. The lamps you choose for your home office can provide decorative accents for the space, giving you a means for expressing personal style in a functional space. This personalization is a major factor in your comfort at home, and it’s part of what makes your home office such a special place. You can tailor the room to be exactly what you need to foster productivity and success. Rather than toiling under suboptimal lighting conditions, you can create the right blend of form and function for your particular taste.

Feel free to consider both style and light distribution as you choose your home office lighting setup. If you prefer to do the bulk of your work by daytime sunlight, you may need only a desktop task lamp with a good ceiling light fixture for those rare occasions when the sun hides behind a cloud. If you like to make your work area as bright as possible, consider arranging your home office lighting to cover the entire room with an even wash of illumination. Whether you need a single lamp or several for all the corners of the room, you’ll find plenty of attractive options in this product category.

Our home office lighting collection provides visual interest that can define your office or simply enhance other decorative elements in the room. To make your office unique and personal, choose a dramatically decorative lamp to serve as a style focus on your desk or bookshelf. We offer home office lighting in a range of different sizes, shapes and finishes, from short but gorgeous faceted crystal table lamps to tall, sleek stone lamps with silk shades. Whether you prefer something minimal or eye-catching, we have the ideal lamp for your office.

As you shop, consider scale before making your final decision. The table lamps in our home office lighting collection range in size from about a foot in height to more than 30". If you’re looking for a lamp for the front of a desk that faces out into your office, you may want to stick to the smaller side of this size range to preserve a manageable sense of proportion and maintain good visibility while talking to clients and other visitors. Ultimately, the lighting you choose for your home office should suit your own unique wants and needs, so don’t hesitate to make a choice based on your personal taste rather than convention.

From your desk to side tables and shelving, there are plenty of great places to display one of our chic home office lighting fixtures. With a generous variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to customize an ideal blend of decor and light to suit your work style. Choose from a variety of luxe materials and find the office lamp that shines a light on all your bright ideas.