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Nassau Dining Room Collection

Our dining room collections each have a distinguishing design or furniture material that make the pieces distinctive, and the same is true with the Nassau Collection. The Nassau Dining Room Collection by Williams-Sonoma features split bamboo veneer layered over solid mahogany by skilled artisans from the Philippines and Europe to create contemporary designs with a touch of rustic charm. Choosing bamboo as a material likewise gives your dining room a touch of both Asian and tropical mood that inspires a lighthearted and refreshing look.

The choice for bamboo as a primary decorative material for the Nassau Dining Room Collection is both creative and sustainable. While bamboo is the usual material for outdoor furniture, the designers and artisans of the Nassau Dining Room Collection use it as a veneer for the furniture pieces that are exclusively for indoor use. The thin strips of bamboo give the pieces a soft rippled effect and the characteristic texture of bamboo fibers. With each bamboo strip having unique fiber patterns and knots, you are sure to have a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind. All of the Nassau Collection pieces are tables of varying kinds, all of which are a very good addition to your dining space as well as extended into other living spaces in your home.

The tables in the Nassau Collection include a dining table, server, coffee table, side table and console table. With an extendable surface, the dining table in the collection measures 86"L x 44"W x 30"H and extends 106 inches in length. It accommodates six to eight diners with its normal configuration and seats up to 10 when extended. For stability, it has a solid mahogany top and legs beneath the bamboo veneers, with the legs having adjustable levelers for balance. Choose this table if you have a large family or love hosting meals with friends and relatives.

The other tables in the Nassau Dining Room Collection have similar construction with solid mahogany cores underneath the bamboo sheets. The coffee table presents bold design with a mahogany stain and high gloss finish. It is available in both small and large sizes. The server on the other hand is a versatile piece as it is at home in the foyer or living room as well as the dining room. Its features include cabinets, shelves and adjustable levelers for balance. Also with their own stylish designs are the side table and its taller companion the console table.