Elevate Your Space With Luxury Home Decor

Give your room a new look with luxury home decor items from Williams Sonoma. This collection includes an array of elegant decorative accessories that can adorn tables and shelves in every room of the home. You can even find wall art, ranging from prints to canvasses, that can enliven your walls with color and intrigue. Add new life to your existing decor with luxury home decor from Williams Sonoma. Explore this collection to discover how to elevate your space in new and interesting ways.

Wall Decor

Whether you have an empty wall in need of decor or a piece of wall art that needs an update, you can find luxury home decor for the walls in this Williams Sonoma collection. Williams Sonoma offers an extensive array of wall art, so finding the right piece simply requires perusing this collection. Framed prints showcase artfully created designs, ranging from colorful abstract pieces and bold floral designs to modern geometric prints. Choose from colorful prints to neutrally hued ones, depending on your decor. Photographic wall art can add a touch of nature to your space, featuring images of nature, including trees, flowers and shells.

Upgrade your walls by choosing other types of wall decor from Williams Sonoma. Mixed media art includes cut paper showcased in a solid wood shadow box. You can even find original art crafted by renowned artists in this collection. Or, opt to add intrigue and dimension to your walls with framed mirrors, available in round, oval and rectangular shapes and featuring intricately-crafted frames.

Decorative Accents

Bring luxury home decor to other areas of your home as well. These versatile decorative accents can draw the eye to your mantle, provide decorative touches to end tables and console tables and make bookshelves suddenly more interesting. You can even use these decorative elements as centerpieces for your dining table or kitchen table.

Picture frames add a personal touch to your decor. Available in an array of styles, these picture frames feature many textural elements, including woven wicker, sturdy stone and hand-painted ceramic. Vases and jars are crafted of sturdy materials like ceramic and showcase interesting textures and intricately painted designs. This collection also includes candle holders, decorative trays, faux floral arrangements and decorative objects. These pieces can be mixed and matched to create a home decor that is truly yours.

Luxury home decor accessories add instant intrigue to your space. Perfect for any room of the home, from the living room and dining room to the home office and bedroom, the items in this collection will prove to be versatile in your home. Shop with your design style in mind to discover new ways to accessorize your space.