Duvet Covers & Shams

Duvet Covers & Shams

What makes a comfortable bed? There are multiple layers to consider. Sure, the mattress you choose is important, as are your sheets, but the top layer matters quite a bit too. It’s important to dial in the exact right weight for your top bedding layer, and that is part of the reason why duvet covers are such a popular option. You can keep your bed looking stylish and inviting while changing out the weight of your top bedding layer. Fill your duvet with a hearty down comforter for cold winter nights, and then switch it out for a thinner duvet insert as the weather gets warmer.

Williams-Sonoma Home offers an excellent selection of duvet covers and shams in addition to luxurious pillow and duvet inserts that you can use to create a perfectly comfortable and luxuriously stylish top layer for your bedding. Choose from different colors and prints to find the matching duvet cover and sham set style that works best for your taste, and then choose inserts that work for your personal warmth and materials preferences. From bold multicolor plaids to two-tone botanical motifs and some subtle white-with-color-accents options, our selection of duvet covers and shams offers something for everyone.

Because they comprise the top layer of bedding, it’s a good idea to choose duvet covers and shams that match with the rest of your bedroom’s decor scheme. If you have patterned drapes and an ornate carpet, you may want to opt for a solid-color duvet with minimal detailing. If you’re picking out your duvet and shams as part of a bedroom makeover effort, choose whichever style appeals to you most. We have plenty of styles to choose from, and you can pick out something familiar and traditional or push your personal style boundaries a bit with an attractive, detailed pattern that you might not ordinarily choose.

We offer some sheet sets that match certain duvet cover patterns, so be sure to look out for those options if you like having a well-coordinated bed. If you don’t find a perfect match, you can choose from one of our subtly decorated sheet set options to ensure cohesive aesthetics. If matched looks aren’t your personal ideal, we offer plenty of sheet sets to contrast with our duvet cover options, or you can opt for a classic solid-color sheet set that looks good with almost everything. Our sheet sets and duvet covers alike are available in a range of sumptuous fabrics, including cotton percale and jacquard.

No matter what colors and patterns you decide to go with, it’s essential that you choose a duvet cover that’s the right size for your bed. If you like having a lot of coverage and your bed is particularly tall, you might want to choose a duvet cover that is a size larger than your bed. Our duvet covers are generously proportioned, so check out the measurements for each individual duvet cover option to make sure sizing up is necessary.

There are so many great offerings available in this product category, you’re sure to find something you like. From formal and preppy styles to more avant-garde modern options, we have duvet cover and sham sets to appeal to every taste and style. Find duvet covers for your master bedroom, guest rooms and even your vacation home. Choose a specific theme or opt for a favorite color scheme. There are plenty of options for you to try. But if you don’t quite find “the one” in your search, consider checking back with our new bedding arrivals section periodically to see if your dream duvet turns up sometime soon.