Anyone who loves candy will appreciate the distinctive array of confections that we at Williams-Sonoma have available to fit virtually any taste and every occasion. Whether youʼre treating yourself or are pampering someone special in your life, sweet treats can be an ideal choice. Opening up a distinctive box of truffles, pralines or bar-shaped chocolates promises to be a memorable occasion for anyone.

Combining the sweetness of chocolate with the richness of coffee is always a win. Because both chocolate and coffee originate from beans, they share some similarities in flavor, making them excellent culinary companions. Thatʼs why drinking a cup of rich, delicious coffee is not only acceptable when enjoying quality chocolate, but you can also expect to bring out certain notes in the chocolate that you might not taste without one.

What could be better than a sweet gift that combines chocolate with a fine bottle of wine and a couple of distinctive wine glasses? From Cabernet glasses to stemless red wine glasses, itʼs easy to pair wine with chocolate for an unforgettable evening. A box of assorted chocolates is sure to contain delicious surprises with every bite.

While many chocolate boxes may seem feminine, you can also choose something more masculine in nature like truffles filled with spirits, such as whiskey or stout. Imagine the delight of relaxing with one of these sweet confections while enjoying other delicious appetizers and hors dʼoeuvres. You might have a hard time choosing between something savory or sweet, so perhaps youʼll end up having both.

With an eye on health, treats like dark chocolate can have several benefits. You can also make wise food choices when you turn to treats, such as fruit and nuts. You can feel positive about adding natural snacks and treats to your diet that contain valuable vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Some gift sets even include confections, such as chocolate-covered nuts and loose tea for the tea lover. An extra-virgin bar of chocolate offers all of the taste youʼd expect from the finest imported chocolate.

Whether you prefer to pick and choose from a delectable sampler of truffles or youʼd even like to try your hand at making your own chocolate and candy treats with an extensive kit containing all the ingredients and implements youʼll need, we have something to fit every whim and every budget. Make every moment count by choosing high-quality chocolates that will make your taste buds come alive with pleasure.

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