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Whipping up baked goods from scratch can be rewarding, but sometimes, there isn’t enough time to allow a complete start-to-finish scratch baking process. If you love filling your home with the tantalizing scents of fresh-baked cakes, breads, pancakes, donuts and cookies, Williams-Sonoma’s food mixes are a must-have for your pantry. From beloved breakfast items to decadent desserts, this product category makes it easy for you to skip some of the measuring steps associated with scratch baking while still letting you get hands-on with your food. From special occasions to everyday fun, our baking and ice cream mixes make it simple to create amazing treats with perfect efficiency.

Homemade bread is one of the most challenging hurdles for a home chef to clear, and while quick breads, biscuits and rolls are slightly easier, it can still be helpful to get a boost with a mix. From sweet, cakey breads to savory biscuits and dinner rolls, our bread mixes provide you with a variety of different options to try. Even if you’re a total novice at baking, these food mixes make it quick and easy to whip up a dough or batter. Ingredient proportions are one of the most essential components in home baking, so if you prefer to skip the measuring, these mixes are the perfect solution.

Measuring your ingredients properly can be essential for turning out tasty desserts, too, so those who are short on time or simply don’t care for precision tasks in the kitchen can benefit from our dessert mixes as well. From Bundt cakes to cookies, pie crusts and bars, the dessert options in our food mixes section provide a variety of different options that you can mix up and make your own. Unlike store-bought desserts, you’ll be able to choose what shapes and sizes your finished desserts take, and you can also decorate according to your own preferences too. The mix is simply a little boost to get you started in the right direction.

Whether you prefer your pancakes with maple syrup or jam, it’s hard to deny that fresh always beats frozen when it comes to baked breakfast favorites. From flavored waffles to specialty pancake shapes such as thin crepes and round ebelskiver, our breakfast food mixes introduce plenty of variety and novelty to your kitchen. Crepes are particularly hard to master due to their ultra-thin profile, so going with a mix can make it easy to experiment and focus on the cooking step rather than taking on the entire process all at once.

We offer a range of different flavor types in this product category. From fruity classics to modern favorites like pumpkin, you’ll find plenty of variety here to appeal to discerning palettes or picky eaters. Whether you’re adventurous or traditional, you’ll find plenty of great options to choose from. Make classic lemon pound cake or vanilla ice cream one weekend, then switch it up and opt for a sweet potato biscuit or lime quick bread mix the next. These shelf-stable mixes can standby for your whim so you can experiment with new flavors when the mood strikes.

These mixes make great gifts, too, so as you’re treating yourself, consider getting a food mix and matching culinary tools for a friend or family member. You can pair some of our waffle mixes with a waffle maker for a decadent present, or you can simply package up a couple of quick bread mixes with a loaf tin for a friend who’s dipping a toe into the baking world. With so many options on hand, you’re sure to find a flavor combination to suit anyone’s taste. We even carry several different gluten-free mixes to accommodate dietary restrictions.