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Asian Sauces

One of the most important things about making delicious food is the prep work and the base, sauce or glaze you used at the beginning of preparation. Use a flavor-inducing overnight marinade to improve the taste and tenderness of colossal beef cuts or use dipping sauces to make regular chicken or fish come to life. There is something about Asian sauces that works well for literally every meal. Whether you’re adding a dash of curry to brighten up rice dishes or using a grilling marinade to make the perfect pork chops, there are many different types of rubs, glazes and Asian-inspired sauces that we have available from Williams-Sonoma that are bound to make every meal extraordinary.

One of the first types of sauces you may want to consider is curry sauce. This goes well beyond your run-of-the-mill takeout Thai curry. Curry sauces, such as Vikas Khanna curry and ginger coconut curry, are tasty dipping sauces for nuggets and strips or work well as marinades for steaks, chops, chicken and other types of poultry. With a little bit of sweet mixed in with a little bit of hot, these types of sauces are terrific for the grill, but also add just the right touch to your oven-baked meals as well.

If making Indian food is a passion of yours, you can make traditional Indian food right at home with a mixture of masala, tandoori and other Indian-inspired sauces. Make tandoori chicken outdoors with a selection of outdoor cookware, or make garam masala inside with a flavorful masala rub.

For Thai curries and inspirations, choose from everything from satay peanut sauce to panang sauce to get the flavors of the Orient right in your kitchen. Choose from grilling sauces, regular sauces and rubs to either grill Thai-inspired food or fire it right on top of your skillet. Thai sauces open up a myriad of possibilities, with everything from laab salad to satay. With the right panang sauce and a little bit of jasmine rice at your disposal, you can make a traditional Thai curry in minutes easily.

For Japanese inspirations, choose from a wealth of different sauces and marinades. Miso and udon broth allows you to make a generous portion of soup from scratch while Japanese sesame chili rub adds great flavor to short ribs, teriyaki and other meat dishes. For memorable noodle dishes and soups, opt for peanut sauces and sake soy sauces and glaze to add just the right amount of flavor. Noodle bowl starters also work well as a light sauce or as a marinade.

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