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WOLL cookware was founded in 1979 by
German master chef Norbert Woll, whose goal
was to create the utimate frying pan. Today,
this world-renowned company is managed by
André and Ursula Woll, who continue the
family's tradition of culinary excellence.


Shop Berndes >

This family-owned cookware company was 
founded in 1921 in Arnsberg, Germany. The history 
of legendary German engineering shines in each 
piece, from thoughtfully shaped handles to new, 
innovative nonstick coatings.


Shop Chantal >

Chantal was founded in 1971 by Heida Thurlow,
a German-born engineer who relocated to the
United States and became America's first female
CEO of a cookware company. She has since
recieved numerous awards and patents for
cookware design and innovation.


Shop Römertopf >

In 1967, the clay roaster called a Römertopf 
(“Roman pot”) was first introduced in Germany.
Made with clay deposits unique to the region,
the pots are known for cooking up delicious
roasts and braises.