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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning your carpet or floor can be an arduous task, but you can make it bearable and even fun with efficient vacuums, bags and filters. Removing dust particles and pet hair requires high-powered vacuum cleaners with optimum suction. With William-Sonomaʼs vast selection of vacuums, you enjoy selecting a canister, cordless or upright cleaner that caters to your specific needs. We offer Miele vacuum cleaners that boast a combination of rug and floor tools with rotary dial speed control for efficient performance. For those sluggish cleaning days, turn on your robot vacuum and let it take care of the rest. Opt for a cleaner with swivel neck to enjoy maximum maneuverability into corners and along walls.

After cleaning, take a glass of lively and thirst-quenching water from your sparkling water machine with a touch of a button. Using your water machine, you can transform normal tap water into sparkling drinking water quickly. Itʼs fun and easy to use with three different carbonation levels, and the machine does not require power or batteries. You can enjoy a beverage on its own or as a base for your favorite cocktail. Additionally, you can get several replacement bottles and caps to use.

Preserve you favorite fruits, animal proteins and vegetables with efficient dehydrators that simultaneously heat and dry food for optimum results. You can choose a digital dehydrator that features up to nine trays to hold more food and a controller to accelerate the drying process. With a clear carbonate door, you can enjoy the tasty view of the food while it dries. Use a timer to set the time for drying and adjust the temperatures using the thermostat. Additionally, you can get a system with a rear-mounted drying system so you wonʼt need to turn the trays every time for food or fruits to dry evenly.

Itʼs a smart world and your home can enjoy a fair share of useful smart kitchen tools. Read cooking recipes and watch videos easily on your tablet thanks to a kitchen tablet stand that offers vertical and horizontal viewing. Donʼt forget to get a screen protector for your tablet to protect it from spills and scratches. Listen to your favorite playlists and tracks while you sing along to the thrilling music from its Bluetooth speaker. Savor every single sip of your coffee freshly prepared with your espresso maker that is controllable with your smartphone via an app.

Take your cooking a notch higher with electric cookware that makes food preparation a breeze and fun. Get a stone grill and watch it work magic on your shrimp, meat and vegetables. A cheese tower is even fun if you have several guests who need different palates. The design helps to save safe and allow your family to join the fun. You donʼt need to buy canned food anymore; an automatic home canning system allows you to prepare canned food at home. Use the system to preserve your fresh produce and fruits into jams, jellies, pickles and other items.

Itʼs movie night and your friends are coming over to join the party. Before pressing that remote, get the popcorn ready. Our popcorn makers and poppers are efficient and time-saving to allow you to make air-popped corn at home. Get a vintage-design popcorn maker that lets you prepare freshly popped corn with just a flip of the switch. If you are alone, a glass popcorn maker should be enough for you. Just add melted butter and enjoy your popcorn in less than three minutes. The smart maker that helps to minimize unpopped corn and serve the right portion sizes. Add a glass of juice using your juicer and delight your taste buds.