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Electric Cookware

When you have a task in the kitchen, Williams-Sonoma has an electric cookware solution just for you. Instead of trying to accomplish everything with traditional cooking methods, such as skillets and pots and pans, get the job done in half the time when you stock your kitchen with some of these specialty appliances. Whether it is a full meal or just a light snack for a night in, these electrics serve their purpose over and over again after years of use.

When it comes to pizza night, skip the delivery and frozen options and create your own with a crispy crust pizza maker. Simply get your flour prepared into a dough, place it on the ceramic heating disc, add your favorite toppings and then enjoy brick-oven style pizza you made on your very own. These appliances heat up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit, mimicking the same heat that old-style pizzerias in New York and Chicago are famous for. You can create every type of pizza crust, including New York-style crispy thin as well as medium and thick crust. The viewing window even lets you check on the progress of the pizza without having to open the appliance.

Movie night is not complete without a bowl of popcorn to go along with it. Find a wide variety of fast and efficient popcorn makers to choose from, including a hot-air popcorn maker. This type of appliance uses hot air to produce a fluffy final product without any added oil. It stores kernels in a special compartment, ready for popping, and measures out precise portions according to the serving size you have selected. If you want a more traditional popcorn experience, a classic popcorn maker that looks like one from the movie theater lets you add your own kernels and oil, and then watch as they fall to the bottom of the device. Making the popcorn is as easy as flipping a switch.

Boiling a cup of water does not have to involve getting out a pot and setting it on the stovetop. With a water boiler and warmer, you can have a piping hot cup perfect for instant coffee, tea or hot chocolate quickly. These appliances feature several temperature settings for everything from keeping water warm to boiling for brewing, and you can control them with ease using the LCD display.

Take all of the waiting and guesswork out of home canning with an automatic home canning system. These devices let you create preserves and jams without having to sit over the stove for the better part of the day. Simply fill a special canning jar with whatever food you want to can, place it into the device, and then take it out when the timer tells you. These devices even make canning safer and more sanitary by automatically adjusting the temperature, ensuring that your food remains fresh in the jar for a long time.

If you need a single way to entertain a group of guests, try a raclette cheese tower. This appliance features several levels with pans that melt a variety of cheeses, similar to fondue. Each serving tray has a handle made of beechwood, letting guests pick up piping hot cheese dip with a cool handle. Two large pans allow you to heat up a single brie or other large cheese for serving.

Serve up grilled meats and vegetables to dip into the cheeses by using a special stone grill. The stone cooking surface evenly heats up, allowing you to freshly prepare several large shrimp or a single steak. The juices from the meat collect into a tray for easy disposal, and the stone wipes clean after it cools.

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