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Deep Fryers

If you are craving pizza or fries, then Williams-Sonomaʼs selection of air fryers and deep fryers from top brand names like Waring, Breville and Phillips provide quality choices as well as budget friendly prices. Fried foods take on a new meaning when little to no oil is used, and the same great crispiness and browning is achieved. Airfryers offer just that. The perfect doneness and crispiness to foods like pizza, fries and wings. With a variety of air fryers complete with frying and baking attachments and accessories, delights like freshly melted cheese, pizza sauce and a crispy crust along with all your favorite toppings are only 10 minutes away. Nonstick surfaces make cleanup a breeze. Donʼt stop at baking pizza or wings. Continue the cooking fun with healthy roast chicken, quiches, cakes and muffins in the multipurpose pizza pan designed for exclusive use with the Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer. The possibilities are endless. For some people, however, crispy fried foods are not complete without the oil, making deep fryers a necessity in the kitchen. With today’s technology, deep fryers are loaded with extras like time and temperature adjustments to ensure the ideal doneness. Preset functions and buttons that allow for twice-fried foods create the perfect doneness for foods like fried chicken and French fries.


Weekend cookouts can be year-round with indoor grills. Grill the family’s favorite foods like steak and vegetables, fish and poultry to perfection and with efficiency, achieving full flavor and no irritating smoke. With designs like the Philips Smokeless Infrared Grill searing hot temperatures for even grilling and a slant for drippings to easily drain away you have flavorful and healthy foods like juicy, seared sirloin or fresh salmon grilled to perfection.


Healthy snacks are always the best option, making the choice of freshly popped popcorn a good choice in a snack, and one that is always a favorite snack of any age. Our selection of popcorn makers like the West Bend Professional On-Demand Hot-Air Popcorn Popper offer a delicious alternative to store bought snacks. Get creative and add favorite flavors and spices like cheese powder, chili and cumin or grated Parmesan cheese for the ultimate bowl of popcorn. Who would consider buttery popcorn complete without a healthy, refreshing drink. With sparkling water machines like the SodaStream Source Plastic Sparkling Water Maker there’s no reason not to. Within minutes, your favorite flavor in sparkling water and soda is made. With easy-to-use designs like snapping in the bottle and pressing the button for carbonation, the perfect fizz is created.


If mangos and strawberries or kiwi and lemon with leafy greens are your favored juice, make it healthy and fresh right in the kitchen on your own juicer . With today’s advanced technology like that found in the Phillips Micro Juicer Elite, optimal extraction is squeezed out of fruits and vegetables for the maximum vitamins, nutrients and fiber and the freshest tasting juice.


Coffee and tea are beverages enjoyed throughout the day. Enhance the flavors from the ordinary to the extraordinary. With coffee, latte and espresso makers, you can go from your favorite cup of Java to your favorite authentic Italian espresso. Our selection in makers offer advantages that are futuristic like ordering up your latte right from your smartphone. The Nespresso Prodigio Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother is designed with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, syncing wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. Cup-size control lets you choose ristretto, standard espresso or lungo strengths. For household electrics and tools, our vast selection offers the best options to making healthy and delicious foods, snacks and drinks with exclusive designs from numerous name-brand companies.

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