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Breville Kitchen Electrics

If there are any small appliances you need in your kitchen, Breville can provide them. The diverse line of Breville appliances has things you will use every day to prepare multiple meals, as well as some specialty items that will enable your custom creations, making you the envy of your friends and family. There are so many things you can do to food, from grilling, toasting, slicing and dicing, frying, juicing, slow cooking and more. The variety of meals you can prepare is endless, and with the quality finishes and the functionality of Breville, you will want to get started right away.


The first thing most people go for in the morning is a steaming cup of coffee to start their day off right. Whether your preference is a plain, black cup of joe, or a fancy, frothy espresso creation, Breville has something for you. The perfect cup starts with freshly ground beans, which you can get with the Breville standalone grinder, or with one of the three units carried by Williams-Sonoma with a built-in grinder: One for coffee and two for espresso. There are standalone frothers for the hot chocolate fans, and a standalone espresso maker for those who prefer a straight shot. If coffee is not your cup of tea, there are a variety of electric tea kettles to choose from. Brew the perfect cup of tea without having to turn on your stove. Electrical tea kettles are safer and more convenient, leaving your time to do other things while your tea is brewing.


Prepare some toast or croissants with one of the toasters or ovens: Breville has everything, from the basic 2-slice toaster, to the hardworking 4-slice versions, toasters with extra-large slots for a variety of breads, and four toaster ovens to choose from, each with precise controls and cutting-edge safety and cleaning technology. For a special family breakfast, whip up a batch of waffles in one of the three available waffle makers, or, for the more health-conscious among us, use one of the Breville juicers or blenders to create a delicious and healthy blend of fruits and vegetables you can drink as you go about your morning routine. Before you leave for the day, throw some pot roast ingredients in the pressure cooker/slow cooker combo to simmer all day, and add some bread from the Breville bread machine for an easy dinner


For a simple soup and sandwich lunch, heat your soup on the Control Freak hot plate, which will give you the perfect temperature according to your preference, and grill yourself a delicious panini sandwich with one of the combination panini press/indoor grill units. Quick prep, easy cleanup, and you can get on with your day.


Didn’t have time to throw that roast in the slow cooker this morning? No worries. The fast/slow combination cooker functions as a pressure cooker as well if your dinner prep is a hurried affair. If you have a little more time to linger in the evening, you can get the kids involved with a family pizza night. Slice some healthy veggies using one of the food processors – 12 or 16 cup capacities are available. Use your favorite risotto will certainly taste like it took hours to prepare. Instead, you can get the same result with just a few minutes of prep using the Risotto plus. It’s great for rice if you are cooking some Asian cuisine. Speaking of Asian dishes, Breville offers two types of electric woks for the perfect stir-fry, and the smart fryer, with custom cook settings for the perfect crispy appetizers.


Don’t forget dessert! Mix up cake or cookies with the hand mixer or stand mixer, and give everyone a scoop of ice cream to make it truly delectable. Cleanup is easy with so many dishwasher-friendly components, so you can sit back at the end of the day with a cup of tea from your electric kettle, and plan tomorrow’s menu.

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