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Coffee Grinders

Fill the air with a robust, wonderful scent every morning when you decide to grind your own coffee. Grinding your own allows you to put all of the coffee brewing in your hands with the ability to decide how you’d like your coffee to come out in the morning. Choose from a variety of different styles of coffee grinders available from Williams-Sonoma, with everything from automatic to hand-operated grinders for a classic touch.


Those who would like their coffee completely customized will appreciate a streamlined and professional automatic coffee grinder. With 60 different grind settings, this coffee grinder allows you to program exactly which is best for you. Stainless-steel burrs grind coffee slowly, keeping the beans’ essential oils and flavors intact. A handy LCD screen also lets you know how many cups or shots have been ground and grind time. Those who would like a simpler coffee grinder to go along with their coffee maker still have the ability to choose a simpler model. Opt for an automatic grinder with 18 grind switches, and the ability to select how many cups you would like to grind at one time. An included LCD screen also displays number of cups, time and fineness.


Coffee aficionados who would like to customize colors with their existing kitchen counter and tabletop decor might like an automatic grinder from KitchenAid with a choice of several different color options. This classic-looking grinder features 15 settings and has the ability to spin at 450 RPM. This grinder also has the ability to grind in half-step increments from one to eight, which is ideal especially for French press coffee. A glass bean hopper and grind jar allow you to see all of the action as it happens.


Consumers who have just simple coffee grinding needs can opt for a stainless-steel blade gender. Easy to clean, this type of grinder grinds beans at the touch of a button, and it includes a removable grinding bowl that allows you to store extra coffee. Users who like to take matters into their own hands will appreciate a hand-operated coffee grinder. Ceramic burrs allow you to grind coffee for any type of cup, from French press to single-serve types. Similar to a pepper grinder, a detachable base holds the coffee beans while you grind from the top handle. Some of these manual coffee grinders have an eclectic, classic design, featuring a wood construction that adds an antique feel to your countertop. Still functional and durable, a vintage-looking grinder adjusts to let you grind from super fine to coarse.

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