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Coffee Maker Accessories

Having the right type of accessories for your coffee or espresso maker certainly makes your morning go much more seamlessly, with a fine cup of coffee. Williams-Sonoma has an exceptional selection of coffee filters and accessories for the coffee makers that we offer. Find your correct coffee filter and great coffee accessories to suit your needs.


Consider a filter pitcher that takes of all of the tap water taste out of your water prior to brewing your coffee. This pitcher has a large, 10-cup capacity, perfect for brewing a whole pot of coffee in most coffee makers. This pitcher is able to filter 60 gallons of water before a replacement filter is needed, providing for a pure coffee taste in every cup. The revolutionary pitcher does not need pre-soaking, nor does it produce any sediment, making its use simple and easy.


A pour-over kettle allows you to completely customize your coffee every morning. This stainless-steel kettle is durable and long-lasting, with an elongated spout for slow and easy pouring. Prolonged extraction of coffee grounds allows for a tasty and robust cup of coffee. Similarly, an electric tea and coffee kettle brews hot water for you, and then keeps it warm well for over an hour, so you are able to continuously enjoy both coffee and tea. Also great for drinks such as chai and cocoa, this kettle displays the actual water temperature for ease of use.


Another terrific accessory for any kitchen is a coffee scale, letting you easily measure your coffee grounds for weight. This handy accessory is great for nearly any type of coffee maker, from French press to a pour-over machine. An easy-to-read digital screen lets you know how many coffee grounds you are preparing to use for your morning cup or pot. Finding replacement parts for your coffee or espresso machine can sometimes be tough. Between kids and pets, sometimes accidents happen, and you simply need a new carafe. Choose from replacement carafes for many different brands we offer, such as Cuisinart, Bonavita, Technivorm and more. Different sizes and styles are available to get your coffee maker back in complete working order again. Additionally, some coffee makers have an included coffee filter as opposed to paper ones, and sometimes these need to be replaced as well. Look for these replacement coffee filters as well as other parts, such as warming lids, to ensure your coffee maker is perfectly functional and in top shape.

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