The Shun Fuji Collection Surpasses All Expectations

Grant yourself the pleasure of owning a Shun Fuji knife. These knives are esteemed for their unique steel blade, featuring a mind-boggling 161 layers of alternating nickel and stainless steel in a beautiful, functional tsuchime arrangement. The aesthetic is almost minimalist, except for the rich visual depth the blades give off, even while being so refined. Shop these Shun knives by the single or set to develop a collection of remarkable cutlery for your home.

Shun Fuji Chef Knife Blades

There are so many things to love about the Shun Fuji chef knife and other knives in this collection.

  • These knives were developed for an experienced cook, but don't let that deter you if you're a novice.
  • These blades are an excellent way to become accustomed to the lightness and razor sharpness of Eastern-style blades.
  • A light blade is often the preference of a home cook who wants to prep with efficiency.
  • The blade's core is made of SG2 steel and clad on each side with Damascus steel.
  • This is one of the Fuji's most outstanding characteristics. The blade is composed of 80 alternating layers of nickel and stainless steel.
  • The result is a 161-layer blade that is both thin and light, yet strong and hard. This combination is the hallmark of all that is brilliant about an upscale, artisan-crafted knife.
  • Tsuchime adds an extra touch of function to your knife. This Japanese texturing helps release food from the blade's side, an especially helpful feature when slicing the super-thin slices or garnishes typical of Eastern food.

Exceptional Knife Handles

While the blade is often the main draw of a knife, its handles provide the balance and grip you need to wield your cutlery with confidence and expertise.

  • Fuji knives are ambidextrous, meaning you can use them with equal facility whether you're left or right-handed.
  • Finger ridges are subtle but allow you to maintain full control of such a lightweight knife. Since lighter knives require more skill, having grips can let you exercise absolute precision with each cut.
  • The handles of these covetable knives are made of sark tagayasan wood. This beautiful wood is extremely dense and traditionally used in Japan to make samurai sword handles.

Curating Your Shun Fuji Knife Set

Developing a knife collection of this caliber is a magnificent achievement for the home chef. Build a Shun Fuji knife set that you curate based on what you love to cook.

Be sure to grab the right storage for these beauties, too. While some knives, like the Shun Fuji chef knife, come with their own stands, you may prefer to keep all of your knives in one convenient spot, like a Shun knife tray.

With knives like these, take care of them every time you use them and when they're away for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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