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Shopping Global Ukon Knives & Knife Sets

Williams Sonoma is proud to be the only place in the world where you can officially bring home Global Ukon knives & knife sets. Global has a stellar reputation for creating fine Japanese cutlery by hand. Now you can discover a unique collection crafted for the home chef who loves both continental and Asian cuisine and cooking techniques. With selections including an essential chef's knife, a santoku or Japanese chef's knife for chopping, plus parers, boning knives, bread knives and more, you can revolutionize your kitchen experience with Global Ukon. Explore this collection's signature features and details to choose the Global Ukon knives & knife sets that are right for you today.

What Makes The Global Ukon Line Outstanding

Global Ukon takes a special place in the world of cutlery. As a partnership between two esteemed names in culinary tools, the collection combines a heritage of high-quality and design that makes sense for the widest range of home cooks possible.  Pair these characteristics with some of the world's best knife-making and your choice suddenly becomes clear.

  • These knives are almost unbelievably sharp with a knife edge that is proven to be 10% sharper out of the box, based on internationally recognized C.A.T.R.A. testing.
  • Many Global Ukon knives & knife sets have hollow-ground blades. These are small indentations in the blade that assist in the knife gliding through fast cutting jobs without food sticking to the side, an occasional risk when slicing fine.
  • Handles are designed for an ergonomic grip that makes it easy for you to fly through slicing and chopping tasks with grace and comfort.

Which Knives Are Best for Your Culinary Style?

Take the time to find out which Global ukon knives are best for your preferred methods of meal prep and favorite cuisine types. While every kitchen should have a few essentials, some knives are made especially to cut certain foods.

  • Be sure to pick up a chef's knife and a santoku from this fine array of Global Ukon knives & knife sets. These are the basics that showcase the true genius of this collection. The chef's knife has a spear tip, while the santoku has a sheep's-foot tip for rapid chopping.
  • A serrated bread knife is another basic, even if you don't eat a lot of bread. This knife makes quick work of tomatoes, melon rinds, squash, sweet potatoes and other food that slices best with a light sawing motion.
  • A paring knife is great for berries, certain cheeses, light slicing tasks and anything that requires gentle coring. You use a paring knife in the air rather than on a board, so the smaller, lightweight Global version is perfect.

To make life even easier and get right into cooking, select a knife set. Global Ukon knife sets are curated to allow you to enjoy all the knives you need with one excellent decision.

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