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Bring Home A Legendary Global Sai Knife Set

Prepare to be dazzled by the wondrous Global Sai Knife Set. These exceptional instruments are some of the sharpest knives in the world, honed to a jaw-dropping 12.5-degree edge and designed by the revered industrial designer Komin Yamada. Constructed of incredibly hard steel that practically glows white, these knives are for the connoisseur of all fine things or the deeply dedicated home chef who loves to dine, serve and entertain.

Eye-Catching Stainless Steel Artistry

Global Sai knives maintain gorgeous curvature and a beaming silvertone polish, the result of hand hammering and patented ultra-hard Cromova 18 Sanso stainless-steel alloy and two outer layers of more flexible 18/8 steel.

  • Industrial designer Komin Yamada has led the design at Global since the 1980s. His craftsmanship is coveted within the cutlery industry for its chic, seamless beauty and innate talent. These knives are his creation.
  • The razor-sharp blades of the Global Sai let you power through all kitchen tasks with grace and pleasure. This steel chops herbs as finely as it dices meat. Use it with your everyday dishes and your finest ingredients.
  • These knives resist corrosion and maintain sharpness for an exceptionally long time. Regular care can create heirlooms of these knives.

Japanese Heritage At The Forefront

Global Sais represent some of the best of Japanese cutlery. Eastern knives are known for extreme sharpness and light dexterity. These surpass all expectations, even for knives of the highest caliber.

  • A 12.5-degree blade edge is mirror-polished by hand for exceptionally long-lasting sharpness. Most high-end Western knives are approximately 30 degrees. Even most Eastern knives are around 15.
  • The line of dot work on the knife's hollow handle represents the Samurai code of honor, a set of seven traditional Japanese virtues.
  • Tsumiche helps you avoid food sticking to your knives. This Japanese solution comes from hand hammering, which reduces the friction between food and the side of your knife. That reduction supports fast, efficient chopping with no sticking.

These knives are the first new collection to be released by Global in over 30 years and they represent their origin beautifully.

Smaller Sets in Chic Blocks

Since everything about the Global Sai collection is special, even smaller sets come in beautiful storage. Discover the stainless steel curved blocks, designed to take up only minimal counter space.

If you already have a countertop worth of blocks, shop for singles like a vegetable knife or nakiri.

This outstanding cutlery makes an incredible statement in your home. Invest in what you truly deserve.

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