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Santoku Knives

If you arenʼt familiar with the specifics of different knife designs and types, a Santoku knife may at first appear to be a truncated chefʼs knife. While Santoku blades do borrow elements of the classic kitchen utility knife, they have a flatter, less tapered shape that makes them great for chopping. Williams-Sonoma offers a careful selection of Santoku knives from a variety of different famous and highly respected brand names, allowing you to bring this unique blade into your kitchen for better food prep performance.

Because Santoku knives combine the flat blade of a cleaver with the smaller size and curved blade of a chefʼs knife, they fill an intermediary space that makes them ideal for small-scale chopping jobs that require you to make larger cuts, such as slicing an apple into wedges, cubing tofu or dicing a potato. As part of their similarity to a chefʼs knife, Santoku knives do have a slight taper toward their point, meaning you can rock them a bit as you chop. However, these blades arenʼt quite as efficient for quick chopping as a chefʼs knife is, so prep jobs like chiffonading basil may not be the best fit for a Santoku.

The intermediary functionality of Santoku knives makes them much safer and easier to wield than larger knives for small cutting jobs. This makes them so worthy of addition to your knife set, as does the flatness of the middle to bottom of the blade, which makes them better suited for up-and-down chopping than a fully curved blade. Additionally, many knifemakers include small, ovular dimples along the sides of their Santoku knives. These little depressions arenʼt there for decoration. Instead, they make it easier to chop moist ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and raw meat, quickly. The dimples create little air pockets that lead to easier release from these sticky ingredients so you can spend less time moving individual cuts off your knife and more time prepping. Not all of our Santoku blades have this feature, however, so if you donʼt find this feature necessary or useful, you can opt for a smooth-sided model.

With options from brands, such as Shun, Wusthof and Calphalon, you can add a high-quality Santoku knife to your kitchen toolkit. These blades are available in a variety of different finishes and sizes, meaning you can get the exact kind of blade you need to fill a specific need in your kitchen. From genuine Damascus steel blades to pakkawood handles, you can opt for the best and most advanced cutlery technology for your knife set.

While many home chefs prefer to purchase a complete knife set, others opt to assemble their own complement of cutting tools to focus only on what they need. With the right knife storage, you can follow this route yourself, opting for efficiency rather than quantity. If you want to go a more utilitarian route with your knife collection, Santoku knives are a great option to include next to a long, serrated knife, a paring blade, kitchen shears and a sturdy, all-purpose chefʼs knife. With these options on hand, you may not need other, more specialized cutting tools, such as cleavers and boning knives. As you assemble your collection of cooking knives, think carefully about what you actually do in your kitchen, If you are a vegetarian, for example, you probably donʼt need a large collection of carving, filleting and boning knives.

No matter what style of cooking you prefer, a Santoku knife can make itself right at home in your kitchen. Being selective with your cutlery purchases makes it possible for you to trim the fat, so to speak, and focus solely on what is most useful. Purchasing a full knife set can be the right choice for many home cooks, of course, but no matter which route you choose, including a Santoku knife is always a good choice.

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