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Put an emphasis on creativity in everyday food preparation with our specialty cookware. Soon you can start cooking up a much more exciting variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks. When you choose pans that are designed with specific dishes in mind, it takes the guesswork out of effective cooking and crafting your favorite flavors. When you want to prepare specific and special dishes, you need the less well-known cookware and appliances that are part of the Williams-Sonoma collection of specialty cookware.

Waking up to the smells of a great omelet, crepe or frittata can inspire great moods, and that can set the scene for a terrific day for all your family members. Get their day started the right way with breakfast pans that can make all their favorite morning delights. The Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Pan lets you easily whip up ebelskivers, those light, perfectly puffy pancakes that you can prepare with a chocolate, cheese or fruit filling. Egg poachers help you quickly make a delicious egg breakfast without much fuss, while crepe pans simplify the creation of those sweet French treats. Cook up morning finger foods with the waffle stick pans, or go for filling Italian frittatas with the frittata pan.

Bring on the cheers at any party or gathering by making cheese or dessert fondue. Several eateries have thrived with fondue as the central dish, and you can make this delicious dessert or dinner easily with fondue pots. As a centerpiece of cookware, fondue pots are designed to look amazing and be high functioning. Cook and serve fondue all in the same pot without missing a beat. Maximum stability is at the core bottom of each fondue pot, so you won’t have to worry about it tilting as people gather to dip and enjoy the melted cheese or chocolate. Whether your guests prefer sweet or savory tastes, there are few ways to go wrong with fondue. Just be sure to sit out a nice tray of veggies, breads, crackers or desserts for dipping.

Whip up mouthwatering, healthy meals simply and easily in record time with our innovative pressure cookers. This type of specialty cookware takes the guesswork out of making easy meals that your family will want to devour. Make stews, soups, masala and so much more. The ease of using the pressure cooker will free you up to spend more quality time with friends and family members inside and outside the kitchen.

The time that you do spend in the kitchen can become much more fun when you have easy access to all the lids and accessories you need when you want them. Custom knobs for pots and pans in cute shapes can add personal flair to your cookware that makes cooking more of a joy. Wok lids help ensure a stir fry comes out just right, and glass lid sets allow you to keep an eye on your meals while cooking and steaming effectively. Designate a special place in your kitchen like a cupboard or cabinet shelf where you can organize and show off your kitchen accessories. You’ll thank yourself when you can find a suitable lid or handle extension when you need it.

The aesthetics of your kitchen should reflect the joy that you get within it. Decorative trivets are available in a vast variety of designs and colors. Choose the one that matches your kitchen and personal taste while considering its practical use. It will protect your tabletop and allow you to sit a hot baking pan or casserole dish at the dinner table or other hard surface. Burner plates beautify your stove while allowing you to express your tastes and creativity in the kitchen. Trivets and boiler plates add elegance to the kitchen while fulfilling a practical need.

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