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Founded in 1896, Lodge is
America's oldest manufacturer of
cast iron cookware.



History of Lodge

History of Lodge

Joseph Lodge opened his first foundry back
in 1896, in the Appalachian town of South
Pittsburg, Tennessee. Today, Lodge is an
iconic American company that’s legendary
for unrivaled quality and innovation in its
signature cast iron cookware.


Lodge is a forward-thinking company
that manufactures its heirloom-quality
products using a combination of
state-of-the-art technology and
traditional craftsmanship. Among their
greatest efforts are energy-efficiency
and recycling, ensuring all foundry
materials are put to their most
eco-friendly uses.


Lodge Cookware Collections

Lodge Cookware Collections

Blacklock Triple

Seasoned™ Cast Iron




Lodge's latest collection
takes cast iron cooking to 
new levels with advanced 
technology, making it
lightweight, easy to clean 
and naturally nonstick.



This innovative line of cast
iron cookware elevates 
your cooking experience
through thoughtful design
inspired by chefs.


Cast Iron


Lodge's Classic Cast Iron
cookware reflects a
legacy of quality and
craftsmanship with pieces
designed to last a lifetime.





Superior triple-seasoned
naturally nonstick finish,
right out of the box.

Thin, lightweight design
that heats up and cools
down fast. Extended, raised
handle stays cooler longer.

25% lighter weight than
traditional cast iron cookware.

Pre-seasoned, easy
release finish that
improves with use.

sloped walls and
ergonomic handles.

Traditional heavy

Pre-seasoned, easy
release finish that
improves with use.

Iconic heirloom-quality
pieces designed to last
for generations.

Traditional heavy

Benefits of Cooking in Cast Iron

Benefits of

Cooking in

Cast Iron

Cast iron is famous for its ability to
enhance the flavor of anything you
cook. These durable, versatile pieces
are designed for the ultimate frying,
searing, browning, sautéing,
braising and baking – and go
effortlessly from your stovetop or
oven to the table. They're
tried-and-true kitchen heirlooms,
intended to be passed from one
generation of cooks to the next.

Caring for Cast Iron

Take care of your cast iron,
and it'll last for generations.

1. Wash
by hand. Use a small amount
of soap, as needed.

2. Dry
thoroughly with a lint-free
cloth or paper towel.

3. Oil
with a very light layer of
cooking oil while the pan
is still warm.

How to Re-Season Cast Iron Cookware

Your Lodge cast iron comes seasoned and ready to use. The
best way to maintain the seasoning on your cast iron is simply
to use it! Cooking in it regularly using any kind of cooking oil is
a great way to keep your pan looking and performing well. If
your pan becomes dull, gray, splotchy or gets rusty, it could
probably benefit from being re-seasoned. To re-season dull or
rusted cookware, scrub your pan, repeat steps 1-3 at left, then
finish with these easy steps:

• Line bottom rack of oven with aluminum foil.
• Preheat oven to 350°F.
• Place cookware upside down on top rack of oven.
• Bake cookware one hour. 
• After an hour, turn oven off and let cookware cool in oven.

Corporate Social and Eco-Responsibility

Lodge Cast Iron has always taken social responsibility seriously. They act in the best
interest of their environment and local area – not because they feel they're supposed to, but
because investing in their roots is an integral part of their ethical integrity. As a
fifth-generation, family-owned company, they are committed to doing the right thing for
their employees and their community. 

Lodge is deeply rooted in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, where the company was founded and
where they remain, and they strive to make decisions that best benefit the people who have
helped Lodge grow into the company it is today. They live where they work, and they strive
to always protect and serve the people in their community.

Corporate Social and Eco-Responsibility



Q. Why has Lodge cookware been a favorite for so long?
A. Lodge's cast iron cookware is known for exceptional durability, cooking performance and
versatility. These pieces work beautifully in any cooking environment – from the stovetop and oven
to a campfire and outdoor grill.

Q. Why does cast iron cookware perform so well?
A. Generations of cooks have relied on cast iron because it efficiently absorbs, conducts and
diffuses heat, while maintaining consistent cooking temperatures.

Q. Is Lodge cookware naturally nonstick?
A. Only Lodge Blacklock Triple Seasoned cast iron has a naturally nonstick finish, right out of the box.  Other 
Lodge lines are pre-seasoned providing an easy release finish that improves with use.

Q. Can I also use Lodge cookware for baking?
A. Yes! Lodge cast iron cookware achieves and maintains high heat, giving your favorite baked
goods a crispy, golden crust with an evenly baked interior. Count on these pieces for everything
from classic cornbread to perfect pizza.

Q. Are Lodge pieces designed for both cooking and serving?
A. Lodge has designed their cookware to go effortlessly from the stovetop or oven to your dining
table. Remember, the pieces will be very hot so be sure to use a heat-resistant trivet for serving.

Q. Is it okay to occasionally use soap on my cast iron cookware?
A. Sure. If your pan seems to need extra cleaning, the seasoning can withstand a little soap and
water and a good scrub with a brush.

Q. Why is the surface of my cast iron skillet rough? 
A. The textured finish of the cooking surface is a result of the sand casting process. It also helps the
cast iron season better over time. With continued use and seasoning, the pan will become smoother. 

Q. My cast iron cookware accidentally rusted – is it ruined?
A. Not at all! All you need to do is follow our easy steps for re-seasoning your cookware. To prevent
rust from returning, always dry cookware promptly and season after each use. 

Q. Can I use metal utensils with my cast iron cookware?
A. Of course. Chances are, cast iron is the most durable metal you’ll ever cook with. Use any
utensils you like, even metal, because there is no chemical coating to damage.

Q. Since Lodge cookware is black, does that mean it has a coating?
A. No. Lodge seasoning is 100% soy-based vegetable oil. Oil is carbonized during the
manufacturing process and the black patina that remains is a carbon layer better known as seasoning.