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de Buyer Cookware Under $100

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that having high-quality tools in the kitchen makes all the difference when whipping up delightful recipes for your friends and family. That’s why we offer a selection of de Buyer Cookware Under $100, so you can stock your kitchen with all the essentials. de Buyer is a French cookware brand with more than a century of history and expertise in creating and producing stainless-steel cookware for home and professional kitchens alike. Turn your kitchen into a restaurant powerhouse with cookware from de Buyer that makes cooking everything from seared meats to steamed vegetables a breeze.

Our de Buyer value cookware features a variety of fry pans so you can outfit your kitchen with a pan that can handle everything from searing to simmering and sautéing. de Buyer’s Mineral B selection features two fry pans, one that is shallow for smaller portions and a deep fry pan for larger one-pot meals. These fry pans are made of 99 percent iron with no chemicals or coatings added, making it ideal for environmentally conscious homes. These pans have an organic beeswax finish for a naturally stick-resistant surface that makes cleanup a breeze. these stainless-steel pans are safe for use on all heat sources, including induction.

de Buyer also offers breakfast pans, including crepe pans that make mornings a little brighter. Inspire traditional French cooking right in your own home with a solid blue steel crepe pan. This French pan is the key to turning out light, tender crepes as the flat bottom provides perfect cooking for the thin batter every time. Opt for sweet or savory crepes to transform any meal into a special occasion. The sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes so you can fold them to perfection. These pans also feature an uptilted riveted iron handle that is designed to help smoothly swirl batter and turn crepes.

de Buyer crafts specialty cookware, such as double boilers to help you conquer special recipes with the right tools. Whether the task is melting chocolate, making Hollandaise sauce or preparing custard, opt for a double boiler from de Buyer to get the job done right. These pans are designed to heat slowly and gently to ensure the best possible results. Designed for ease of use, the one-piece design can be used by both novice and experienced cooks. Add water to your batter easily with the convenient spout on the handle. You can even monitor how much water has been added with the handy built-in water-level gauge.

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