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Le Creuset Cast-Iron Cookware

Include some bright splashes of color to your kitchen, specifically to your pots and pans, by adding some Le Creuset cast-iron cookware to your cookware collection. If looks matter to you, as well as durability, quality construction and ease of use, then our line of Le Creuset cast-iron cookware meets your needs when making meals to remember.

One of the most colorful sets of cookware available, Le Creuset cast-iron cookware is versatile as well, working equally well on the stove as well as in the oven. Le Creuset features enameled cast-iron cookware items, which means you can begin cooking with them as soon as you open the box. With traditional cast-iron cookware, you must go through a seasoning process before the item can be used. Another advantage to Le Creusetʼs enameled cookware is that you can cook with highly acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and vinegars, and not have to worry about any surface reaction in your pot or pan.

If you like adding a splash of color to your kitchen, even when you are cooking, Le Creuset has a pan or pot that is right for you. You can even choose Le Creuset items from us as part of a cookware set and get all the pieces you want at the same time. This includes frequently used cookware items like skillets, Dutch ovens and casserole dishes, all with matching lids that fit snugly and ensure no loss of heat or moisture when cooking. No matter whether you choose a single item or set, you have many colors from which to choose, such as flame, coral, pink, ocean or matte yellow. Colors vary by piece, although all the pieces come in the same color when you select a cookware set.

There are several specialty pieces available in the Le Creuset line of cast-iron cookware from Williams-Sonoma as well. These include woks, baking dishes, sauciers and grill pans. These grill pans are designed for use on the stove top and can work on a single burner or across two of them for larger meals. This allows you to make meals on your stove that look like you grilled them on an open flame, and cooking your food even results in appetizing looking grill marks as well. Pair a grill pan with a cast-iron panini press, and you can make sandwiches that your family and friends will clamor for. Like everything in the Le Creuset cast-iron cookware line, the grill pans are easy to clean and maintain and are even dishwasher-safe.

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