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de Buyer Carbon Steel

Your cookware is something very personal, almost an extension of yourself. With it you can do wondrous things, from creating a dynamite beef in red wine sauce that makes your guests’ taste buds go crazy with joy to making a complete one-pan breakfast for your family with golden hash browns, perfect eggs and tasty sausages. When picking out pots and pans, materials like stainless-steel, copper and cast iron are well-known and popular. What about carbon steel? Whether you’re specifically looking for carbon-steel cookware or want to know what its advantages are, at Williams-Sonoma we’re happy to help. One world-renowned name in carbon steel is de Buyer. What’s so special about our de Buyer Carbon Steel Collection? Here are a few reasons it can be a big help for any kitchen.

Carbon steel has a lot in common with cast iron. You might say it has all of cast iron’s advantages with a few extras of its own. For example, carbon steel has excellent heat retention. That means that once it gets hot, it stays that way for a long time. That’s great for browning and searing things. Even when you add cold foods or liquids to the pan, it doesn’t lose its temperature noticeably. That way you can keep the cooking surface at a consistent temperature for multiple items, producing consistent results.

Another big advantage of carbon steel is that it can accomplish all of this while also being relatively lightweight. So if you need to sauté, stir or flip foods, it’s not hard with carbon steel cookware. It’s safe for use on stove tops and inside the oven too if you want to add some melted cheese to a recipe. And thanks to a thinner layer than cast-iron skillets, carbon steel pans heat up in about half the time. Because of its magnetic properties, carbon steel cookware is also great for induction surfaces.

All of this makes carbon steel a natural choice for crepe pans. Our de Buyer crepe pans are famous for producing exquisite golden pastries with ease. Their large size and lightweight construction are a big help in spreading out batter evenly. Since carbon steel stays hot, lifting the pan off of the flame for turning and swirling doesn’t affect the end result. Sloped sides facilitate removing the crepes, whether you prefer to use a spatula or let them slide out on their own.

Simple seasoning creates a natural nonstick layer that helps you slide foods around the pan without problems. And cleanup afterward is just as effortless; usually all you need to do is pass a paper towel with a little bit of oil over the surface and, voila, it’s ready for your next crepe-making session.

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