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Dutch Ovens & Braisers

If you‘re looking for cookware that can go from the stove top to the oven without suffering undue damage or requiring extra prep, cast-iron Dutch ovens and braisers are a must for your home kitchen. Williams-Sonoma has an excellent selection of these essential cast-iron cooking pots, allowing you to select the size, shape and brand that best suits your needs. Our selection is so generous that you can even choose the color that best matches your kitchen decor. For braised meat, stews and roasts, this kind of heavy cast-iron pot is a natural choice. And thanks to their durable construction, these pots can even serve as bakeware for everything from quick breads to cobblers.

Whether they‘re part of a cast-iron cookware set or a standalone addition to your culinary arsenal, these versatile tools are a must-have for creative home cooks. With their heavy-bottomed design, these classic cookware pieces heat wonderfully over high or low heat, protecting the food inside from burns. Some of these cast-iron Dutch oven models can even be suitable for cooking over a campfire, allowing you to embrace a centuries-old method of cooking with confidence. Many of these cookware pieces are also beautiful enough to double as serveware, so you can bring soups or stews from the kitchen to the table, allowing your dishes to remain warm as you serve.

Available from trusted brands such as Staub and Le Creuset, our selection of cast-iron Dutch ovens and braisers gives you the ability to select exactly the kind of cookware that appeals to you most. From whimsical shapes to strictly utilitarian design, individual portion sizes to multi-quart pots suitable for stock, our selection zeroes in on the highest quality, most versatile options in a crowded field. Because our selection is so varied and versatile, there‘s no need to select just one Dutch oven or braiser. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes for maximum utility.

With its hard-bodied construction and durability, cast iron has earned its reputation as a kitchen staple over the course of hundreds of years. Treat it right, and your Dutch oven or braiser will maintain its heat-retaining properties and all-natural nonstick coating for years to come. For one-pot cooking that allows you to sear, saute, braise and whisk, it‘s hard to find a better option than cast iron. Take your culinary adventures to the next level and introduce this time-tested, beloved cookware tool into your kitchen. From stove top cooking to campfire stews, you can find just the right Dutch oven or braiser to suit your culinary style.

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