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All-Clad Electrics

Although known for quality cookware, All-Clad is a top name when it comes to many aspects of cooking. To make your life easier and free up more of your time, we offer a variety of All-Clad electrics to assist you. Everything from pressure cookers and slow cookers to indoor grills and waffle makers allows you to look like the newest star on the culinary scene without putting in much effort.

All-Clad electrics, such as slow cookers, make it possible to do everything you need to do for a delicious, wholesome meal all in one device. Our slow cookers, like all the items in the All-Clad electrics line, feature state-of-the-art technology that makes them easy to use. These slow cookers range between 5 and 7 quarts and are all-in-one units, meaning you can brown and sauté your food like roasts and stew meat prior to slow cooking them. You can also steam food like vegetables and rice, leaving you with an open burner on the stove when cooking a big meal. You have multiple settings available, including the ability to keep cooked food warm for up to five hours. These slow cookers we feature easy-to-read digital displays and control panels.

One of the most versatile devices you can use in the kitchen is an immersion blender. These handheld powerhouses deliver the capability of a blender anywhere you need it, even while you are still cooking. If you are making a sauce or soup that needs to be pureed while on the stove or in a slow cooker, there is no need to dirty any additional dishes. Our All-Clad immersion blenders feature extra-long driveshafts that keep your hands free of hot food and liquids no matter how deep the pot or bowl is that you are using. If you want to make thick milkshakes, leave your blender on the countertop and add everything you need to a glass. These immersion blenders offer variable speeds to deliver precise control, and have ergonomically designed grips that are easy on your hands. They also have a stainless-steel housing and shaft, both of which are easy to clean.

If you want to make a quick, delicious meal but donʼt feel like firing up the grill, All-Clad from our range at Williams-Sonoma makes it simple for you to make steaks, chops and sandwiches that look and taste like restaurant-quality with our indoor grills. Make everything from panini sandwiches and hamburger to rib eye or salmon steaks in our indoor grills. These appliances have multiple temperature settings and controls that alert you when the desired level of doneness, such as rare or medium-well, is achieved for the food you are cooking. You even make grill marks just like you would if you were grilling outside or using a grill pan on the stove. The indoor grill comes with a drip tray to catch excess grease and liquids, and removable grill plates, which are all dishwasher-safe.

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