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Having the right bakeware and stovetop cookware in your kitchen is an absolute necessity to ensure that food is expertly prepared at home. However, itʼs equally as important to always have the right utensils. From whisks to pasta forks, being able to both serve and prepare food with the right equipment makes cooking and entertaining much more seamless and enjoyable. Choose from a wide variety of different tools and utensils available from Williams-Sonoma, all meant to make cooking an absolute delight.

If youʼre just in need of the basics and are just moving in or just setting up your kitchen, opt for something like a five-piece tool set with included container. A sleek, stainless-steel finish looks delightful on your countertop, and the included tools allow you to make different dishes and recipes without struggling by using regular forks, spoons and knives. A set of tools typically includes items, such as a pasta fork, deep spoon, ladle and small spatula, allowing you to make everything from pasta to cookie batter. Those who do a fair amount of cooking and baking may be in need of a larger set in order to get all of their tasks done. Look for larger sets, such as a 10-piece set from OXO. This versatile set provides you with more tools, such as a set of tongs, a small nylon spoon, an ice cream scoop, a grater, a slotted spoon, a pizza wheel, a nylon turner and more. This set also includes a handy container that takes up minimal space on your countertop while still providing you access to all the tools you need. Heat-resistant materials ensure this set lasts for years of baking and cooking, and a stainless-steel construction is durable and easy to clean. Tools such as a pizza wheel or tongs can really come in handy, even on a night when youʼre not cooking furiously, as thereʼs no more having to cut a frozen pizza on game night by using a fork and knife.

For making special foods and recipes, sometimes you need a special set of utensils and tools to ensure that everything goes smoothly. For instance, if you bake a lot at home or make many homemade sauces, youʼll need a stainless-steel three-piece whisk set to get the job done. Whisks of different sizes allow you to make different types of foods, from scrambled eggs to meringue for pie. A stainless-steel construction ensures these whisks are easy to clean and last a long time. In addition, those who do a lot of cooking need special tools, such as wooden spoons. A handy four-piece wooden spoon set allows you to stir sauces, batter and more with ease. Made of solid, strong walnut, these spoons are constructed well for years of baking and stirring. The handles are shaped like a paintbrush so that they are easy to hold and use. Those who prefer to use wooden tools in the kitchen can go well beyond spoons, opting for a utensil set that has an entire wood construction. With a spreader, tongs and paddle, you are easily able to use all-wooden tools in the kitchen, for a classic touch.

Itʼs also a terrific idea to have a number of different spatulas on hand. Depending on what you are cooking or baking, spatulas of different sizes offer different choices. Made of heat-resistant silicone on both the spatula and handle, you are able to grip these tools easily so you can always stir with ease. Dishwasher-safe, silicone-coated spatulas donʼt chip or crack and are versatile enough for making casseroles, cookie batter and a variety of other foods in your home kitchen.

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